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Danielle Freeman

Yoga Teacher & Supporting Facilitator

Danielle Freeman (E-RYT 200, K-RYT 500) holds her Bachelors’ in Psychology from a small respected college near Boston, MA. Having graduated and searching for a more meaningful purpose in life she discovered Kripalu Center of Yoga and Health, where she received her 200-Hr Yoga Training in 2013. This experience felt like a rebirth and was more like a life training. “The day I started living was the first day of my training.”


She has continued to dive deeper into her practice and has since completed two more intensive trainings. Danielle focuses on muscle activation to bring body awareness to proper and safe alignment for everyone’s unique body type. The detailed alignment cues she shares can help relieve pain and gain range of motion which is strength and flexibility combined.


Danielle is also a Reiki practitioner and enjoys sharing various styles of movement including, but not limited to, strength training, meditation, energy and crystal healing. There is no yoga she does not learn and grow from, whether it’s a strong and grounded vinyasa flow, a blissful restorative class, or a slow and unwinding yin class. Danielle enjoys all forms of yoga.


“All yoga is my yoga, all yoga is my medicine.”


Here are what people are saying...


“No one, and I mean no one, teaches yoga as beautifully as you do. You can be challenging, you can be deep like emotionally. You can be silly and you can be gentle. You have a spark and a gift and you sprinkle your own little magic yoga Dani dust in all of your teachings.”

- Amanda Blakely (YouFit Member)


“I love the way Danielle teaches. Her method of muscle isolation brought my awareness to muscles I did not even know I had and connected myself to my body and the pose that much more. The depth of the emotion she brings to her practice and teaching had me feeling the most necessary release and had me crying on my first day. She reassured me I was safe and cared for and that I was allowed to feel and express my emotions.”

- Loula Varsamis (Retreat Guest)