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Janak Dasai 

Lead Facilitator

Janak is an experienced 200 hour certified yoga teacher originally trained from the Sivananda school. Sivananda yoga is a classical hatha yoga system which emphasizes relaxation of the nervous system and tapping of the life force through pranayama and asanas, using this as a gateway into meditation and the more profound aspects of the yogic practice. Janak teaches many formats - Hatha yoga, Vinyasa, Restorative, Yoga Nidra. He has also completed Reiki Level 1 and 2 training. He continues to be a student of yoga and other esoteric practices and is always looking to deepen his knowledge and his practice to be in a more spiritually uplifted place and at the same time in a more balanced place on this physical plane. 

Janak created and runs a university credit class at University of Connecticut. He also teaches many classes at yoga studios and other yoga locations where he lives in Connecticut on a weekly basis. He loves to learn, he loves to teach and he loves to do yoga and live a yogic lifestyle.

Janakpracticedamoreasana based practice for many years, and soon started craving an approach to yoga which moved beyond physical exercise and found just that with the Sivananda school. Janak's class is a constant reminder of being

connected with the breath and guides the practitioner back to the breath and back to this present moment. You can expect to experience a profound calming of the mind and sense of inner peace from the inward focus of the practice. 


Janak is also a devout tree hugger and his practice of caring for the planet has a deep green hue to it. He is also a mini farmer, and grows and sells organic, sustainably and lovingly raised vegetables from his market garden. When not upside down doing yoga, he can often be found communing with the veggies in his garden or cooking something scrumptious from the greens just picked.