Goddess Retreat

Work directly with FCYS owner & founder Jolie Wilson. Release what no longer serves and step into the wild empowered fully expressed goddess you were born to be. Transformation begins here through daily movement medicine, healing integration sessions, transformational breathwork, trauma release, tailored meditations, spa sessions, community, adventure and more.

Jolie Wilson Your Retreat Leader
Florida Keys Tropical Fish

5 Days 4 Nights 

January 20 - 24 2022


Lunch Each Day During Your Three Full Days of Retreat

Welcome Gift

Arrival Ceremony & Cleansing Smudging Ritual

5 Yoga, Meditation & Movement Medicine Classes

3 Three Hour Transformational Workshop Sessions

1 Ninety Minute Massage

1 Sunset Cruise with Live Music & Beverages

1 Departure Ceremony & Onward Smudging Blessing

Tools, Practices & Ritual for Life At Home

Complimentary Enrollment into Jolie's Anxiety & Depression Relief Online Course

Ongoing Support Throughout Your Retreat

Locals Tips on Best Places to Dine & Visit

Looking for something else or want to bring your own group?

Ask Us!
Fully Customizable Retreats.

The Experience

Do you find yourself thinking “There must be something more to life than this!” "I'm just not fully living free and expressed." "I'm so tired of feeling this way and need change, a shift, and/or to be inspired." "I could really use some trauma, anxiety, depression release and relief." ???


Or maybe you’ve experienced something in your life that is leading you to make a shift or are moving through a significant life change and new chapter. So many events can start the process. A Goddess Retreat reconnects you to your intuition, reawakens your wild woman, raising shakti and releases what no longer serves you. You’ll embrace growth, self-love, and transformation. The path to amplifying passion in your life, creativity and sacred gifts starts here! Now is your time to listen to your inner wisdom and take the first step toward achieving what you really desire in your life. A journey of self-discovery and reclaiming your radiance awaits! Join us, and begin the adventure toward the answers and the deeper more embodied you that you seek.


Most of us were never taught how to transform and live authentically. This often means that you can get stuck in your own negative thought patterns and habits. We know how exhausting this can be. It leaves you feeling stuck, unable to get out of the murky place you find yourself in.

When you book a retreat with Jolie FCYS owner & founder, we journey to the depths of your being. Together, we integrate from there. We all need support, to be around and connect with like minded souls, we need to move through healing and awakening in stages relighting our inner fire and zest for life.

Free course access included..

Retreat Benefits:

Tools & Rituals to Practice At Home

Release of Unconscious Held Trauma in the Body

Decreased Body Pain

Increased Overall Healthy Glow

Increased Confidence

Improved Energy

Less Stress

Less Anxiety

Decrease of Depression

Calmer Thoughts

Clearer Thoughts

More Rational Thoughts

Less Uncontrollable Thoughts

No More Racing Mind

Feeling In Control

Sense of Ease

More Joy

More Calm

Increased Happiness

Feeling More Bold & Powerful


"I completed a 4-day retreat with Jolie. It was a wonderful experience. From the initial planning stages through to attendance, Jolie and staff were incredibly responsive and lovely. I was delighted by the personal attention I received. The transformational sessions were amazing. Everyone I interacted with during the retreat was warm and welcoming. I came away from the retreat feeling renewed and blessed. I recommend Full Circle Yoga School retreats whole-heartedly." ~Deb Rae

"We had a wonderful long weekend retreat full of yoga, meditation, and beach. The instructors are truly insightful and soulful healers who went out of their way to assist us. We will definitely be back. Thank you!" ~Christine G. (a repeat retreat guest)

"This was the experience of a life time. Truly life changing and inspirational. It's a testament to God's ability to show his magic through people. I am committed to a long and loving relationship with the loving souls that I met this past weekend during my yoga retreat. I highly recommend the experience for anyone who wants to feel loved, supported, and guided on their path." ~Danet 

"We are back in Miami. Thank you so much for everything. The ladies, my co workers, all said that this was the best weekend of their lives. They all look like different people. Everything was great! I can't wait to return!" ~Jason

​"I had more physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing during a two week retreat than I accomplished with doctors, counselors, and the slew of healthcare professionals in years. I would go again in a heartbeat." ~Dustin

"Jolie, I wanted to start by saying thank you! Meeting you this past winter was so inspirational and amazing. I really felt that I was shot over the moon. What a deep transformation. I feel like I can accomplish anything I want." ~Molly Gene

Our FLORIDA KEYS training begins one week from today, April 1-15!!! There’s still time to
Release yourself from the worries, judgements, and fears of the past

Your Retreat Leader

Hi I’m Jolie, and I am here to help you tune into the magic of being alive!


I have been a practicing yoga student for over 20 years. I am the founder and owner of both Full Circle Yoga School & Luxe Life Retreats.

I have trained in and teach 7 different yogic practices, offer shamanic sessions and sacred rituals, transformational sessions, meditation training, and intuitive readings. Yet it’s not having the experience and knowledge of these offerings that drives me.

I believe that every hardship, pain in life and suffering can be transmuted. We can transform the darkness that we face. Just like the dark and murky mud at the bottom of a lake which becomes fertile soil for a lotus flower to unfold, our suffering is the place from which we grow. We can transmute our challenges into gifts which brings us into a new way of being.

My own journey guides my ability to be the creatrix and visionary that fuels our carefully curated retreat offerings. I have deeply experienced suffering, loss, depression and trauma. Over eleven years ago my life took me away and out of my marriage. As a mother of 4 young children I found myself in deep struggle and trauma. I experienced anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

One night as I lay in bed within a panic attack about how I would make it, I had a life changing moment. I received a message which I now know was from my higher self. It was this; “You have a roof over your head, you have food on the table, your children are asleep, healthy in bed, and you can figure this out because you have a purpose – go help others.” This is where my true transformation began, I healed myself so that I can help others heal.

I know what it’s like to go through painful anxiety and struggle with feeling happy and whole. I also know the beautiful journey through the healing process.

Through my own life experience and through looking into the minds and hearts of the people who come before me, I understand the great need for support and healing in our modern culture.

My own experiences combined with my belief and knowledge of healing modalities and quantum physics allows us to provide transformative tools that allow you to heal, have a deeper understanding in your life, and experience lasting peace. Over 99% of our retreat guests leave saying their lives have been forever changed.

In Grace & Gratitude,

Jolie Wilson

Retreat Sample Itinerary 


DAY 1 Arrival
Evening Ceremony:

- Welcome Gift
- Cleansing, Smudging & Blessing Ceremony 
- Transformational Breathwork 
- 30 min Release & Calm Movement Medicine
- 10 min Grounding Meditation

- Chat about Retreat Intentions & Itinerary

- Group Card Reading
Star Gaze, Explore the Town, Take a Night Dip in Pool or Ocean


Light Breakfast at your B & B
AM 75 Minute Yoga, Movement Medicine & Meditation 
1 Hour Break
3 Hour Workshop Session - Kundalini Yoga w/Trauma Release 1, Hypnotic Meditation Journey, The Only Way Out is Through The Only Way Through Is In
Lunch Together
Free Time 
Water Adventure & Massage Options

Star Gaze, Explore the Town, Take a Night Dip in Pool or Ocean


Light Breakfast at your B & B

AM 75 Minute Yoga, Movement Medicine & Meditation 

1 Hour Break

3 Hour Workshop Session - Warm Up Inspirational Movement, Bone Deep Yoga Nidra, Holotropic Breathwork 1 (a practice taking you into non-ordinary states of consciousness much like shamanic plant medicine ceremonies, Processing Session

Lunch Together

Free Time & Massage Options

Group Sunset Music Cruise


Light Breakfast at your B & B

AM 75 Minute Yoga, Movement Medicine & Meditation 

1 Hour Break

3 Hour Workshop Session - Warm Up Inspirational Movement, Trauma Release 2, Hypnotic Shamanic Cord Cutting Meditation Drum Journey, Holotropic Breathwork 2, Affirmations That Work, Onward Life Tools, Practices, & Rituals for Daily Practice & Empowered Lives

Lunch Together

Free Time & Massage Options

Star Gaze, Explore the Town, Take a Night Dip in Pool or Ocean

DAY 5 Departure

Light Breakfast at your B & B

AM 75 Minute Yoga, Movement Medicine & Meditation

Onward Smudging Ceremony, Blessings & Card Reading



Retreat Package: $1999


4 Star $1500 per person double shared room

4 Star Private Room $3000

3 Star B & B $800 double shared room

3 Star B & B Private Room $1600

Retreat package $1999 includes welcome gift, all ceremonies, classes, transformational workshops, 90 min massage, sunset cruise, lunches, complimentary enrollment into Jolie's online course.

Does NOT include airfare, transportation to and from airport or lodging. The lodging is separate due to potential COVID interruptions and we will help you book the lodging. Lodging pricing estimate above and subject to change. Lodging with our local B & B's are easily cancelled and thus will not interrupt or cancel the retreat if one or more participants has a last minute emergency and can not attend. 

For higher end lodging we recommend Hotel Marquesa directly next door to the Key West Yoga Sanctuary where we will have most classes, ceremony, and workshops. For budget options we recommend Old Town Manor a hop and skip away from the Sanctuary. We are happy to assist you in booking your lodging as we have lots of experience working with many establishments in Key West.


Add Ons:

Additional Nights

Private One on One Sessions

Additional Spa Services

Limousine Service

Paddle board or Kayak Tour

Boat Rentals