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Nature. Freedom. A goofy smile. It's the simple things in life that lead us the most beautiful places in mind, body, and spirit. Exploring the ancient knowledge of mindfulness, conscious living, and wellness through yoga is a divine right for all.


That's where Jesse comes in. After years toiling in corporate America, Jesse was able to break free of the ol' 9 to 5 by adopting the yogic lifestyle. He is now committed to sharing the same peace and solace that saved him by inspiring the next generation of yoga teachers. Brandishing his in-depth knowledge of body systems and muscle manipulation, a fascination with the natural, and a whimsical sense of humor, Jesse brings an accessible approach to fastest growing lifestyle in the world.

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Jesse was born and raised in New Jersey and spent his formative and adult years in Florida. From a young age, he was always involved in various sports and activities. From baseball and soccer to guitar and theatre, Jesse just about tried it all. As a young adult, Jesse began developing his knowledge of the human body through training as a massage therapist and bodybuilding. His journey into mindfulness began by converting to a plant-based lifestyle, and the rest is history! Jesse took to plant-based cooking like white on rice, he loves to demonstrate his tasty talent to anyone with a rumbly tummy. Like many others, Jesse began his journey into yoga as form of fitness, supplementary to weightlifting. However, with the divine manifestation of meeting his love and spiritual rock, Kati Patino, he was introduced to his highest self. Since his awakening, Jesse has been on the fast track to offering that same freedom to all.

Jesse quit his job in corporate America to lead the abundant and fulfilling life of a yoga instructor. His exploration of the 8-limbed path has revitalized his worldview and offered life-changing inspiration. In his spare time, Jesse enjoys surfing, throwing a round of disc golf, hiking, travel, and practicing the art of the perfect joke. He lives in peace and harmony with his partner Kati, his spitfire pup Kona, and sweet loving cat Emma.

"The practice is the goal, and the goal is the practice."


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