Petra Ratner

Petra Ratner is a RYT-500 yoga instructor, who specializes in Kundalini fusion yoga and sound healing. 

Petra is a yoga and meditation teacher, a spiritual coach, and a natural healer, channeling the power of essential oils, crystals and sound. Her mission is to help women awaken the Goddess within and empower them towards a life of courageous potency, clear intuition and unwavering focus with sacred intent. 

Petra loves teaching yoga and her specialty is the fusion of traditional elements from Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa with Kundalini yoga kriyas. Every class she leads consists of a meditation, chanting, and a sound bath using her Tibetian singing bowls, hang drum, or the beautifully mind-clearing symphonic Paiste Gong. 

Petra’s practice also includes creating essential oil chakra balancing blends and one-on-one healing sessions that feature Ayurvedic health assessments as well as coaching in customized approaches to healthy lifestyle, yoga and meditation. 

A founder of Blest Yoga, Petra is a RYT-500 teacher, whose passion for yoga started in 2015 during a period of life change and personal growth. Expanding on her yoga training, Petra also studied with the Indian mystic Sadhguru, completed his Inner Engineering program, and was initiated into the sacred Shambhavi Mahamudra. Petra is also a follower of Paramahamsa Yogananda and spent years learning with his organization Self-realization Fellowship (SRF). 

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