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October 22, 2022 2 min read

October 25th ushers in eclipse season with a transformative New Moon (6:49am EST). Now, new moons are usually one of the best times to engage in a bit of “moon magic” but with the unpredictable solar eclipse asserting influence manifestation may not be wise. Too many variables could skew the intentions.

This partial solar eclipse is going to open up some deep heart centered twists forcing you to do some introspection work to keep yourself grounded. The eclipse falls just a few days before the sacred time of Samhain aka the Witch’s New Year...resulting in a more intense mystical energy under the celestial light of the moon and stars.  In order to truly connect with this double lunation, you will need to get real with yourself and those around you.

Remember, this is all about what is inside the heart! And though Venus is on deck as well, instead of the lightness and flirty teasing that is apparent when in relationship loving Libra, you should expect a serious intensity courtesy of Scorpio, a water sign with strength coming from the psychic realm, forcing us to focus on trust and expectations when facing the truth within our hearts.

So, while we may be taking a breather on manifestations this moon really is all about preparing us for new beginnings. 

Samhain is a celebration of the end of the harvest and the start of the coldest half of the year. For many, it is also the beginning of the spiritual new year. At this time of year, the veil between the worlds grows thinner, and our Ancestors and loved ones can step closer to us to give us guidance, love, and support.

Autumn is the season of release and letting go...that last, deep breath before total surrender to the darker months, the quiet, cold, silent season of winter. With the thinning veil we find ourselves open to the mystical spiritual guidance of our ancestors. So, as we settle into the coming darkness, remember that every ending leads to a new beginning.

Happy New Moon and a Blessed Samhain...my eternal thanks to you beautiful readers who have circled many moons with us.

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