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Covid Policy



Students attending Full Circle Yoga School trainings will be asked to arrive with a COVID negative test that is less than 72 hours old. We do NOT require vaccinations to attend our programs. In the event a student contracts COVID the student will have immediate full access to our 200hr Online Yoga Teacher Training which upon completion will give the student the same 200 hr certification through Yoga Alliance. This online program will be lifetime access and you can work on completing this once you are home if illness prevents you from completing before your graduation date. Upon a positive covid test the student will be responsible for booking their own alternative lodging accommodations (hence our high recommendation to purchase travel insurance such as through Global Rescue which will cover all COVID related medical expenses and/or if evacuation is needed as well as tuition and all yoga teacher training expenses depending on the level of insurance you purchase) Full Circle staff will continue to support students through a COVID-positive recovery process. We have many lodging contacts in the areas of our trainings and will help with the delivery of food as best we can. The student/s will be allowed to return once they are cleared and have a COVID negative test which is typically a few to a handful of days. The training facilitators will be in daily contact with the student to make sure they are capable of handling their medical needs.

During Training:

● We will assign a personal bolster to each student for the duration of the course, which will be covered with a pillowcase.

● Wash & change your own bolster pillowcase frequently.

● Don’t adjust or touch other students during class time and when practice teaching unless you sanitize your hands and ask their permission. Students have the right to ask you to wear a mask while you are adjusting them.

● Masks must be worn anytime not in the studio or the house.

● Wash your hands frequently.

● Use hand sanitizer each time you enter the studio or house.

● Avoid touching your face and eyes.

● Stay within the "bubble" of the training for the duration of the course. You are asked to not attend gatherings or events, even on your days off.

● Inform your instructor immediately if you experience any Covid-like symptoms, and arrangements will be made for you to get tested as soon as possible.