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May 31, 2023 2 min read

Hello Magical Beings!

The month of June is a celebration of sun, fire, the bounty of the land and

magick…all beginning with the Full Moon rising on June 3 rd at 8:41pm PST

and 11:41PM EST depending on location. Making it even more exciting…this

one is in the adventurous fire sign of Sagittarius. Here in the Northern

Hemisphere summer is about to arrive. The days are long and the upcoming

celebration of Litha, Summer Solstice, on June 20th fills this time with heat and

passion-honoring the sun, which astrologically speaking is the light of the


This moon is widely known as the Strawberry Moon, a moniker given by the

Algonquin tribes for the abundance of wild strawberries in the region. Other

names for June’s moon include the Green Corn Moon, the Birth Moon, the

Honey Moon and the Rose Moon. The strawberry was a symbol for Venus, the

Goddess of Love, due to its heart shape and red color. It should come as no

surprise then that love is a central theme of the moon and the month. 1st - It is

named for the Goddess of family, childbirth, relationships and marriage, Juno

(the partner to Jupiter, ruler of Sag); 2nd- June has been the traditional

marriage month for decades and 3rd-The romantic trip became known as “a


Last months’ full moon had us facing our shadow self and our aspirations.

Under the honest eyes of Sagittarius, it is time to let Luna’s light shine down on

us as we focus on our heart’s pathways with the power to create and manifest.

This is one of the sweetest full moons of the year. Go out and enjoy the

sweetness that nature provides and most of all let love flow all around you.

Moon Magick

June's Rose moon, strawberry moon, and mead moon is a time for protection,

making decisions, personal strength, love and fertility. Charge a bowl of

strawberries under the light of the full moon and consume them the following day

to possess the power of the moon inside you.

“Light a few pink & white candles…make a circle of flowers and strawberries…sit

or stand in the circle visualizing them protecting you…know that you are safe and

relaxed… breathing deeply, close your eyes and feel the power of the moon

pouring into your circle, into you.”

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