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August 20, 2022 3 min read

Getting in touch with your inner self, let alone staying deeply connected with another, has never been more difficult. We are all surrounded by many distractions every day, and this can lead to some negative impacts on your relationship and your bond with your partner.

Constantly working on a positive attitude and a solid relationship with your partner can take work. Other times it may seem such an easy thing to do. Yoga retreats for couples have always been considered a healthy approach to maintaining the optimal functioning of a relationship. This is a great opportunity for you to focus on nourishing your connection, dedicate some time to each other, and provide some time for yourself as well.

If you feel like the stress of everyday life is wearing you and your partner out, then it might be a good time to realign. A yoga retreat where you can meditate and focus on bonding activities may be the perfect approach to rekindling the fire between you.

Before going into an extensive search of yoga retreats around the world, you might consider some of the best yoga retreats for couples we offer around the world!

Exploring Full Circle Yoga School

We believe we offer some of the best yoga retreats that you can find. Once you have infused yoga into your life, you will be able to reap the benefits from it almost immediately. Our spectacular locations and deeply healing retreats can provide you with soul-level rejuvenation and nourishment. Once you realize the spectacular benefits of experiencing this, you’ll want to come back again and again!

Take a look at our locations and further explore our wellness retreats.



Florida has always been an excellent host to all those who want to relax and have a good time. Choose between our retreats in Sarasota, Cocoa Beach, and Key West for an intimate and soul fulfilling yoga retreats experience. Once you and your partner set your mind on detoxing your entire life (and maybe relationship), pack your bags and decide on a location. We suggest Key West. It is a couples’ paradise. You will not only revel in the benefits that come from continuous yoga and meditation. You will also experience an excellent array of amenities such as a couple's massages, biking, and great restaurants.


Learn more about our Florida Retreats



Who doesn’t love California? Our 4 day and 3 night retreat in San Diego is a perfect little getaway for a full reset. Enjoy our bed & breakfast, unlimited yoga classes, massage, healing sessions, paddle boarding and more! Pure bliss!


Learn more about our California Retreats



Join Jolie Wilson our very own FCYS Owner & Founder & Mindy Quesenberry owner of Radiant Vida as these two powerful industry leaders team up to offer you a sustainable luxury retreat experience at Willka T'ika. Recently recognized by CNN Travel, Vogue and Yoga Journal as one of the world's top ten wellness retreat venues you will be in awe of the breathtaking gardens and mystical surroundings. Steeped in relaxation, sacred ceremonies, massage, yoga as well as breathtaking adventure full of rich culture and exploration this retreat is a journey that fuses mind, body, soul. Come and be inspired!


Learn More About Our Peru Retreat


Our Other Yoga Experience Locations

We also over other yoga experiences that you can enjoy in Bali, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Hawaii! And we hope you be adding more yoga retreat locations soon!

Both you and your partner would be amazed by the wonderful benefits that come from experiencing a yoga retreat for couples together. Enjoy the newfound bliss and enter a new era together – the era of happiness and love!

If you love practicing yoga and want to try our any of our experiences, solo or together,check out our shop! You can find much more information there on all of our offerings, as well as dates and ways to book! Trust us, these life-changing retreats can help you experience life to the fullest! Just check out our reviews!


Explore our Yoga Retreats for Couples!

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