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Breathwork Facilitator Online Course

Welcome to the Breathwork Mastery course! Discover the power of healing of over 20 Breathwork styles and transformation within your breath.

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What You'll get

What You'll Need

Required Textbooks

Breath - The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor

Additional materials and PDF's provided in the course

Additional Materials

Phone, Laptop, or IPad

Notebook with lined paper 


Writing instruments

A Fully Accredited Program


Answering your most common questions

Training begins as soon as you are ready once you register.

Pre-recorded with zoom support as needed.

Yes you can use the hours of this training as your CEU's.

One book and a very inexpensive microphone if you don't already have one.

We ask you to send us demonstration videos practicing and honing your skills in which we give you feedback on.

More of a lecture style with videos, reading, and course questions to help you integrate and embody what is learned.

A computer, laptop, ipad, or tablet. It is possible to take this course with a phone only. The teaching platform has an app.

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