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Organic 7 Chakra Sage Floral Smudge

Elevate your spiritual journey with our Organic Custom 7 Chakra Sage Floral Smudge Stick. This brings together the purifying essence of Californian Sage and the vibrant energy of Rainbow Colorful Daisy, Rose, and Sunflowers.

Each element in this smudge stick resonates with the seven chakras, promoting holistic well-being. As you engage in the time-honored tradition of smudging, the cleansing properties of sage work to clear negative energies, while the colorful florals infuse your space with positivity and vitality.

Enhance your yoga practice, meditation, or daily life with the Organic Custom 7 Chakra Sage Floral Smudge. Embrace the gifts of nature and create a serene, balanced environment that supports your journey of self-discovery and inner harmony.