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September 09, 2022 4 min read

Whenever you find yourself alone in a room, a part of you is aware of your surroundings, and this can result in bringing out a side of you that you only show to yourself. Every person has a side that they only show to themselves and no one else. There is a term that can explain this, and it is called the shadow self. In psychology, this helped coin a term that explains the so-called dark side of people’s psyche.

In this blog post, we will look deeper into this term as well as investigate how you can heal yourself with some incredible shadow work prompts!

What is shadow work?

Before discussing shadow work prompts, one should properly understand what shadow work is. In reality, this term has nothing to do with the bad side of people or the hidden side of individuals. In most cases, the shadow self reflects the desires that our inner child holds on to. People wish to be viewed the same way as their other parts, and shadow work can help anyone uncover these wishes and desires.

So, if you feel like you have some hidden wishes, feelings, memories, and thoughts that you would like to purge and bring to the surface, integrate the below prompts into your life and start your process of healing.

Bring peace to yourself by focusing on these shadow work prompts. This is an excellent way for you to heal and grow. Even though this practice may seem a bit strange at first, it is a lovely way to challenge yourself and all of your negative beliefs. Before beginning with this, add a mental note to yourself – even though you are healing, the mind might recognize these prompts and connect them with negative feelings.

Now, each shadow work prompt is designed to serve a unique purpose. This is why you should trust the process and the end goal – improving yourself.

Heal with these incredible shadow work prompts

Once you start your journey of healing and growth, you will learn soon enough that this process is a necessary step. Take a look at some of the most important shadow work prompts here.

  1. First and most importantly, you need to know what you want to achieve with the shadow work.
  1. Next, think about how you think people view you. Would they describe you with good or with bad words? Also, take notes of how that makes you feel. Does it make you feel good, or does it make you feel bad?
  1. No matter how painful it is, think about one of the worst experiences you have ever had. It can be anger, sadness, rejection, loneliness, etc. Why do you feel so much of that emotion? Do you know where the source of that is? Try to locate it.
  1. Do you experience any difference between being rational and being impulsive? Have you recently had a situation where you felt one or the other? Examine your feelings and whether you can justify feeling the way you felt.
  1. Being judgemental is something most people deal with subconsciously. Think about any situation where you might judge the actions or opinions of other people, all the while seeming completely innocent.
  1. Do you have healthy boundaries in all your relationships? Is there a particular case where you could benefit from having a stronger relationship? Think about what has prevented you so far from creating a stronger connection. Also, when it comes to the boundaries of other people, do you respect them? Or do you just seem like you do?
  1. Think about your core values. Note what they are and check with each of them – whether you are living by those values or not. If not, then check if there is something you could do to make yourself more in line with how you want to live your life. Another aspect to look at this is to check if your core values are the same as the ones that your parents/caregivers had. If they are different from theirs, think about why that is so.
  1. Nowadays, influence is everything. Influencing other people or being influenced seems to mean a lot more to people than it did in the past. If someone impacts you, think about why that is. Do they have a good or a bad effect on you? How healthy is that relationship?
  1. Envy. Do you feel it? Why? Think about whom you envy in your life and why. There must be a particular reason for it. If you feel jealousy over something, how can you overturn that feeling? Is there a path that you can take that will lead to you not being jealous of something or someone?
  1. Think about the term freedom and what that means to you. Make sure to have a clear definition of it.
  1. Do you feel like your life has a purpose? Think about this. Try to figure out which things give you the most purpose in life.
  1. Recognition is something a lot of people think about. Naturally, when you think about it, you immediately know what you want to be recognized for. If not, take some time and make sure to come to the answer.
  1. If you need to describe your life as an adult to yourself as a child, how would you do that? Would you be happy with what you have to say? Is there anything you will leave out or omit?
  1. When was the last time you felt truly calm and at peace? Is that feeling connected to a place or a person?
  1. Finally, think about your happiness. Are you truly happy? If not, what stands in the way between you and your contentedness? If you have the answer to this, you have already made some great progress.

Practicing these shadow work prompts is an excellent tool for you to start getting back to your true self. As time passes, you will start noticing that you enjoy the process. Reflecting upon yourself, your life, your surroundings, and your beliefs is a great way to grow. And once you start doing that, you will know that you are on the right path.

If you feel like you need some assistance with this, feel free to get in touch with us! Becoming a part of our wellness courses and retreats will help you in this process of healing, along with transformation and complete relaxation.

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