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September 09, 2022 2 min read

Autumn calls and we know that the season of darkness, transformation and introspection is drawing near. Ushering in autumn equinox (the start of fall) is the Full Harvest Moon on September 10th,one day after Mercury goes into retrograde.  Dreamy Pisces rules this moon, inviting us to release control, surrender and let go...there is a vast ocean out there. However, these 2 events opening up back-to-back may cause you to feel a bit out of sorts, scattered and unsettled. If so, trust your gut, and come back to your center and follow the wisdom of Neptune and release control, let go of the mental chatter and let dreams and inspiration rule. Ebbing and flowing like the sea, it is time to add some water.

First make sure you drink enough, after all we are pretty much made of the stuff, huh? And, for those lucky ones with a tub, it is definitely the night for a magical crystal bath.  If you can spend some time near a river, lake or ocean do so. ⁠When I am at the water’s edge of the soothing waters here in Key West, something mystical seems to happen as I gaze into the blue sea. I begin to hear the truth as I draw my down the power of the moon goddesses all. Whatever you choose to do, any shadows are bound to rise up, but, no worries, you may now see them in a new way because...as the wheel turns towards year end, it is time to follow the stars and manifest a new reality and a new world. 

So, fill some jugs with water and a crystal or 2 and set them out for moon water. Adding a piece of selenite to honor Selene, Goddess of the Moon. Then something sure to bring on some moonlight magick. A special treat for your listening delight… my favorite September Song…

Come dancing on this most magical night and let healing and blessings flow

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