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September 03, 2022 4 min read

Many of us are great fans of cardio, high-intensity workouts that help us release all our negative energy. However, the confidence and feeling of relief that comes after a successful yoga class is still unbeatable feeling. And the great thing is that you are getting the same results from yoga that you can get from any other form of workout. Improved flexibility and a toned body are just some of the benefits you can reap.


But what happens when you want to take things a step further? If you have heard about mantras for yoga, but don’t know exactly what they are, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going deeper into the subject of mantras – we will explain how to utilize them in your regular yoga practice and list the benefits of using these mantras consistently.

List of the best healing mantras for yoga

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If you are a beginner and want to take full advantage of the yoga mantras, then keep reading. In addition, we are providing you with a list of some of the best mantras you can experience while doing yoga. So, let’s do a deep dive into this fascinating topic!

  1. I am here for a purpose– remember to give yourself a little encouragement before stepping onto your yoga mat. You might have gone through a few difficult days and need some encouragement before starting your yoga practice. Before walking into class, try to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve during the session. Repeat to yourself that you are here, you are present, and you are worthy. This is one of those mantras that can help you prepare your body and your mind for your next class.
  2. Inhale and exhale – whether you are in class, practicing alone, or even preparing for yoga, the most important thing to focus on is breathing. Allowing yourself to breathe in for a few seconds and then breathe out for the same timeframe will allow your body to settle and calm down. Doing this yoga mantra will help you create a balance of mind and body, and it will keep you focused on one thing, thus eliminating all the other distractions we face every day. The root of creating a more balanced, calm, and focused self is through the act of breathing.
  3. I open my heart to the universe– one of the most powerful mantras in yoga is the affirmation mantra. This is how you will start to feel emotionally connected to yourself when you chant or think about these. Allow yourself the ability to find peace from the universe and let it flow right through your heart. If you feel like yoga is not the best choice for you, think again – these powerful mantras might be the answer you have been looking for, and they may help you bring yourself to an elevated, better level.
  4. It is coming from me. It is not coming at me – we can only imagine that just by reading this, an instant smile spread across your face. When you start feeling like the entire world is to blame for something happening to you, you might have the wrong mindset or approach. And once you shift your perspective, you will notice that you become calmer, better, well-balanced, and happier. While you are practicing yoga, challenge yourself to use this mantra. There are plenty of benefits to reap from having a healthier and calmer view of what is happening around you. In addition, one purpose of the yoga mantras is to help you realize that you are the creator of your destiny.
  5. Om– so simple, yet so powerful. Do you know why this mantra is considered to be so powerful? The reason is that while you are pronouncing the word om, a certain vibration passes right through your nose and your abdominal area. You can feel the vibrations and the sound throughout the body. This not only clears up your sinuses but also clears up the airways and the vocal cords too. And the power of this particular vibration can help your body focus on it and release all the other built-up stress.

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Are there any benefits from chanting mantras for yoga?

Of course, there are! Chanting yoga mantras has proven to be a powerful way to express all the emotions that you have been carrying around with you for a long time. If you are uncertain of the benefits that come with these, then it is time to educate yourself!

The sole act of practicing yoga can help you lower your blood pressure and help you maintain a healthier heart too. If you add a few mantras on top of that, you will be able to focus further on normalizing the blood pressure and releasing all the stress and anxiety from that day.

Yoga has always been a terrific way to keep your weight down too. By practicing this exercise every day, you can help reduce the food cravings that you might have been experiencing lately. On top of that, you will notice a slight shift in your entire immune system. You will become more resilient, strong, and filled with positive energy – this is what yoga is all about!

To conclude

The purpose of mantras for yoga is to help you let go. Let go of all the anger, resentment, and feelings you have felt throughout the day. Rid yourself of the issues, the challenges, the good, and the bad. Let go of everything, and focus on yourself. Just be. It does not matter if you practice yoga alone or in a group. These types of mantras can help you achieve the clarity and calmness of mind you want. Remember, you can have some time where the only thing that matters is you, and you only. Enjoy this time!

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