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October 08, 2022 4 min read

Yoga is a practice that releases negative energy from the body and focuses on positive energy. It is a transformative exercise that should shift your focus in an entirely new direction filled with calmness, possibilities, patience, self-love, love, and understanding. This is one reason it has gained popularity in recent years!

The practice requires complete tranquillity from you, as well as excellent attention. You should always focus on how you twist your body, the openness of your chest, your arm position, and of course, breathing. These are the aspects that comprise a successful asana.

In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the subject and talk about the mudras of yoga. Mudra is an ancient word that was coined to represent “attitude.” and the people who performed yoga in the past decided to incorporate mudras into the practice. The term explains a posture through which your energy flows and connects your force with the force of the universe.

You can incorporate these into any yoga position since it is reflected by a simple hand gesture. If you want to learn how to add them to your everyday practice, here, we provide you with the 5 mudras of yoga that you should know and use.

  1. Jnana/Gyan Mudra

Also known as the physic gesture of knowledge, this is considered one of the basic ones you should be aware of. If you want to find a way to increase your knowledge and concentration, then this is one of the mudras that you should try.

Start by sitting in a comfortable pose such as Sukhasana. Take both of your index fingers and fold them so they can touch the tips of your thumbs. Make sure the rest of the fingers are straightened out and slightly apart. Now, take your hands, place the palms on your knees facing down, and relax the arms and the hands. Take a few deep breaths and relax in this pose. The breathing cycles are important for the mudras of yoga.


  1. Chinmaya Mudra

One of the 5 mudras of yoga is the Chinmaya, which is very important because it is the mudra of awareness. Yogis tend to practice it more often since it helps them become more aware of themselves, their surroundings, what is happening in their life and how to take the next step. If you want to improve your overall mental well-being, you should start practicing this gesture!

First, take your thumb and your forefinger and form a ring, and do the same with the other hand. Then, curl the remaining three fingers right into the palm of your hand. Place your palms upwards, place them on your knees, and take a deep breath. Make sure to have long, deep, and controlled breaths. And try focusing on your breathing.

The other positive thing about this mudra is it helps you improve the body's energy flow as well as digestion.

  1. Vayu Mudra

Be light to the touch, be light as air – that is the mantra for the Vayu mudra. We love practicing it because it helps you maintain a balanced self throughout the day. In our opinion, it is one of the best 5 mudras of yoga.

It's great because it can help you release all the excess air in the body – so you should be able to relieve yourself if you have been feeling any chest pains due to excess gas.

For this - take your index finger and fold it into your hand. Try holding it down with the help of your thumb. Do the same on both hands. Straighten the rest of your fingers and keep them slightly apart. Place the palms on your knees, facing up. Relax your hands and your arms.

  1. Agni Mudra

This is the mudra of yoga that will help you balance the body's fire element. So, if you feel something is out of balance, this can help you get through it. The Agni mudra is an incredible tool for those who want to fight obesity, increase their metabolism, and reduce their abdominal fat.

To do it - fold your ring finger into your palm and press the thumb lightly upon the second phalanx bone. Straighten the remaining fingers, keeping them slightly apart from each other. Place the palms on your knees, facing up. Relax.

Do this mudra only in the morning, on an empty stomach. And avoid this gesture if you are dealing with acidity in the stomach or indigestion.

  1. Varun Mudra

The final one of the 5 mudras of yoga is this one, which balances the water in the body. If you want to improve your overall appearance and glow, try this mudra. Because it can make your skin glow and keep you looking hydrated. It can even relieve any muscle tension issues.

To practice the Varun - touch the tip of your little finger and the thumb. Keep the rest of the fingers straight, relaxed, and slightly apart. Place the palms on your knees, facing up, and relax your hands and arms.

It can also prevent pimples and infections since it activates the flow of fluids in the body.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or at an advanced level in yoga; there is a mudra for every ability! We think these 5 mudras of yoga are an integral tool for good health. Each one will stimulate a different part of the body and will improve your energy and overall mood! So, start practicing them today and notice the results – you will be amazed by how good they can make you feel.

We hope this blog post has helped you learn more about this fascinating topic! If you start practicing the above gestures on your own and feel like you need some help, then, please get in touch. Our courses are a great way to educate yourself and practice mindfulness at the same time. We are happy to provide you with the proper training, experiences, and courses to help you learn more about yoga, wellness, and meditation – starting today!

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