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October 08, 2022 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

The New Year is ushered in with this final full moon before Samhain. Known as the Hunter’s Moon (or Blood Moon) it will peak at 4:55 pm EST/1:55 pm PST ON October 9th. What better time to light a fire and change the future, huh?

There are real problems that are calling for our attention right now, personally and collectively and this lunar cycle is all about having the courage to release the past and claim who you truly are. Women are the vessels for Lunar Energy, receiving and directing the magical force as their biology is more attuned to the Moon's Cycles than a man. 

Full Moons always bring lots of energy and are associated endings, but being in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, it will also carry the energy of new beginnings. Mars rules Aries so expect some intensity as your warrior side emerges motivating you to take action...It promises to be a month of endings and beginnings. And hang on all you moon lovers...eclipse season is on its way! We’ve got a solar eclipse coming up on October 25th, followed by a total lunar eclipse happening on November 7-8. Two powerful events leading to the night when the veil between worlds will be at its thinnest.

 To Honor this full moon...

  • Shadow work: As the Wheel of the Year turns inward towards the dark months, now is the time to turn to the Divine Feminine energy within us to release all that no longer serves...to clear baggage from the past that we have been holding on to and rid our mind and lives of negativity and fear.
  • Brew a batch of Blood Moon tea this October full moon to honor the Samhain lunar cycle. Brewed with hibiscus flowers, rose, cinnamon and orange peel, this garnet-colored, dramatic-looking tea makes a perfect drink to serve. Ingredients: 4 parts dried Hibiscus, 3 parts fresh orange peel, 2 parts dried tea roses, 2 parts star anise and 1 cinnamon stick. Steep in hot water and enjoy
  • Making Moon Water-on the night of the full moon, place a clear quartz crystal in a jar of purified water. (Can also make by the gallon). Place the vessel outside in a clear moonlit spot, making sure jar is covered. When morning arrives, your water will be charged with lunar energy. Drink a bit every morning for body, mind & soul balance.

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