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August 21, 2021 1 min read

The Power of the Moon can hold a spell, The ebbing tides, the waves that swell

The power of the moon both full & new, it steals your heart, this dance of night

It frees your soul within its light, time has no place where shadows bloom

The darkness shines with the Power of the Moon

Hello Moonbeams!!!

The Full Corn Moon on August 22nd, with its vibes of harvest gathering and vitality, gives us a second chance to resolve any issues that arose on last month’s Aquarian moon. And, as if 2 consecutive moons in the same sign weren’t enough, we also have the unexpected gift of a rare, extra special “Astrological Blue” Moon (the third full moon in a season). By season, I mean the time between the solstice and equinox.

Take the seasons- winter, spring, summer, fall-4 seasons each with 3 moons a season. June’s full moon occurred right after solstice so we will have 4 full moons this season, ending with Fall Equinox on September 22nd.

There is beautiful energy flowing with this moon, just what we need right now to fiercely step into the life we want to create. Free spirited, wild & unconventional energy is coming forward...yes, it's time to be our own unique selves and use our personal power for social change, social justice, and community. You are giving birth to a new you.

As witches know, a Blue Moon is an excellent time to infuse plans with extra-shimmery faerie dust, so go ahead and shine! Let yourself be carried away to places filled with true magick as we prepare for autumn.

Namaste' my goddesses!

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