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September 16, 2022 4 min read

Some people have beautiful gardens and spend a lot of their spare time maintaining and filling them with different types of plants and flowers. However, you might find yourself among those people who don't have a knack for gardening.

If you're one of those individuals who have difficulty maintaining their lawn, don't worry; there are plenty of options for you to try. And today, we will delve deeper into an interesting option for your outdoor space – how to create a crystal garden which is easy to assemble and maintain. A win-win! What's great, too, is that the crystals will boost your plants' energy so you can enjoy more vibrant greenery in your garden.

Start gardening with crystals

The use of crystals and other precious stones has become more popular recently, thanks to their healing powers. Would you believe the practice of crystal healing has been present for more than a thousand years? And it is believed that each stone possesses a different healing property, which means that each stone can be used to treat different ailments. Since the discovery of their powers, these precious stones have been used in the healing process of people, animals, and plants.

There are many holistic healers nowadays that use this approach with great success. And this is one of the reasons we suggest introducing a crystal garden to your outdoor space! The stones represent different elements – earth, water, air, and fire- and they will add balance and health to your plot.

Even if you don’t believe in the wonders of crystals, you can use them to decorate the garden. You can add some small ones in succulent containers, bird baths, or fountains, or mark out the trails in your garden. Anywhere you place them, they will be an excellent addition to the garden, and your plants will love them!

Let’s take a look at some crystals that are bound to make a difference to your space -

  • Clear quartz – this gem is one of the most commonly used in the holistic approach to healing. Positive energy, emotions, and good vibrations will be immediately present once you place this quartz in your garden. You will also notice the surrounding plants will grow and heal at a faster rate as a result! Crystal quartz is available in any shape you like - whether it be small, large, polished, or not, they will do their job. Quartz has also been reported to help tomato plants become stronger and should keep diseases and pests at bay.
  • Moss agate –  is best known as the crystal of the gardener. With its distinct light green color, this will be the reason your lawn starts to flourish. You can find this gem in a polished or rough state, but its beauty will still shine. It will provide you with a connection to the earth and will maintain a sense of balance in the garden. This crystal is an average-sized rock, so its versatility makes it easy to add wherever you like - whether it is to a pot of succulents, right next to your favorite cactus, or dotted throughout the entire space, these agates may just be the perfect pick for you.
  • Tiger’s eye– this is a crystal that has a very specific brown color. But sometimes you can find it in grey with gold veins or white. The Tiger's Eye captures the essence of nature through its holographic effect, which is best seen in bright light. If you want to create a healthy crystal garden, this crystalline is the one to consider. After all, the secret to a successful garden consists of harmony, growth, and happiness, which can provide each of these elements!
  • Citrine– as the name suggests, this is a yellowish gem, but you can also find it in orange or gold. Since its color is so vivid, the statement of this is bold, too - it promotes the healing properties of the sun! The citrine is not your average yellow stone that only provides a vibrant decoration - your plants will enjoy its presence, and you will soon notice them flourishing. If you want to eliminate all the negative energies and toxins that circulate in your garden, then this is the crystal you need.

Promote happiness all around your outdoor plot, and add citrine anywhere you see fit.

  • Rhyolite– if you are one of those people that appreciates a splash of color, then, why not incorporate vibrancy into your crystal garden? This rock is available in various colors, such as green, gray, brown, orange, gold, and more. And depending on where you live, the color of the rhyolite will vary. If you add it to your garden, you've made a good choice because your plants will enjoy the fortitude, balance, and perseverance it provides.
  • Moonstone– llast but not least, the moonstone is another very famous crystal that many people turn to if they want to make a positive change to their outdoor space and overall life. This is a white gemstone, but sometimes it can even look cloudy. And we think it will be a dreamy addition to your outdoor space, providing some relaxation and peace. It is most commonly added to moon gardens, which contains plants and flowers that reflect the moonlight!

Overall this gemstone will provide an aura of health and fertility to your lawn, and your plants will be the first ones to feel it.

No matter where you place the crystals in your garden, they are bound to deliver excellent results! And their healing vibrations will bring your plants back to life. If you happen to have a specific fondness for crystals, you can even wear them around your neck while doing your gardening. The healing energy will root itself into the soil, and the plants will use that energy to grow to lengths you would never expect!

The mystic feeling that comes with enjoying a healthy lifestyle is something you should experience first-hand. So, why not join our healthy lifestyle community and enjoy all the perks that come with it? Start by getting signed up for our training courses and experience the full benefits that come from nurturing a healthy version of yourself.

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