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August 03, 2020 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!

"The full moon is a time to rock and roll, to push boundaries, to dive headfirst into the embers, the surf, the divine." ~ Author Unknown

There’s a full moon rising on Monday, August 3rd and it resides in the unconventional sign of Aquarius. Fishing tribes are given credit for the naming of this moon as the Sturgeon Moon because, well, they were most readily caught during this month. Other names this moon is known by are: “Green Corn Moon,” “Full Red Moon,” and “Hungry Ghosts Moon.”

During this month’s moon, expect change to happen. Aquarians are the seekers…the ones who want to free you from old belief systems; the ones to teach you to embrace the unexpected and accept the evolutions of change.

Face it, moonbeams: it’s their AGE, we just live in it! And with Neptune going retrograde for the next 5 months, things will start to change. Dreamy Neptune sees the world through rose colored glasses unless in retrograde…so, no more hiding.

Peace, justice, hope and freedom are in the spotlight now. Luna will be full in commune loving Aquarius, opposite the Sun in the spotlight loving Leo. This is a perfect time for balance (I know you Libras are all about that!) between the self/ego and our connection with the needs of many which an Aquarius moon demands.

Be prepared…the demands for change, for liberation, will definitely get louder. And that Aquarian vibe is just what we need right now to bring clarity into our lives…forging a path to a place where we are One Planet, One Human Family, One Living & Breathing Being.

One of my favorite ways to harness the lunar energy:

A lunar infusion is like making sun tea, but by the moon! Flowers/herbs like rose, violet, skullcap, red clover, catnip & lavender are wonderful, but if you can get some mugwort, sage and night blooming jasmine, even better. I personally love an overnight infusion of mugwort, rose, jasmine & sage. Why not create a different one on each Full Moon?

The late US Representative & Civil Rights leader, John Lewis said:

So, as the Aquarian moon beckons us to explore the new, storm is inevitable. Trust that the sun will follow, as it always has, every time, we have faced the dark.

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