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August 16, 2020 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

Get ready…it is Leo season! August 18th ushers in the last New Moon of the

summer cycle. This New Moon is a sun/fire moon in the fiery season of summer!

Leo is all about the drama and the shine, fairly bursting with a healthy dose of

solar energy. And when channeling the Full Moon, it soars. But on the New Moon,

Leo becomes introspective, feeling a need for reflection…reminding us to tune into

our own inner sun

This is a New Moon and the night sky will be dark. We will be able to tune in to our

own inner Sun and light up the parts of ourselves that have been hidden in the

shadows. Sometimes, the dark shadows need to be exposed before they can

return to the light.

Let the rhythm of this moon guide you to plant your vision seeds and think about what you are creating. Let it be a reminder not to lose hope in what we can achieve for the remainder of this chaotic year.

But…is it really Leo season at all if you don’t spoil yourself a little? And with that in

mind lets prepare for newMOONness ritual, my goddesses.

There are two aspects to prepare for this ritual:

1. Writing your list

2. The self-care you will enjoy during the ritual

The list: jot down all the ways you have rejected, disowned, or abandoned your

inner priestess. Then set your space, gather herbs, spices, crystals, and elixirs that

speak to you, arrange them on your altar intuitively. You will need a non-

flammable ceramic bowl and a candle also.

When you are ready, light your candle and say: "I forgive myself for___" and read the list. Talk about all the ways you have abandoned yourself for another.

Read it aloud (be courageous), then burn that heavy load you have probably

been carrying for centuries!

Let your candle burn out as you move your body, breathe, massage yourself, drink

water and just pamper yourself. Let go…release…cry…breathe

Blessed New Moon Happiness!

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