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September 29, 2020 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

“but there’s a full moon risin’

let’s go dancin’ in the light”

~ Neil Young, Harvest Moon

Come dear ones, Autumn calls and we know that the season of darkness, transformation and introspection is drawing near. Follow the moon into the shapeshifting season of the witch.

Be fierce, my beauties ‘tis the season of letting go...and the 1st Full Moon of Libra season, the Full Blood/Hunters moon in Aries. Every three years, the October Full Moon is also the Harvest Moon. This particular name is given to the Full Moon which is closest to autumn equinox, which is the start of fall. Under the bright beauty of the Harvest Moon, we can all feel the shift into the darker season ahead.

The full moon on October 1st is ripe with creativity, romance, sex magic/tantra, nurturing projects and manifesting the visions set at the new moon. Shadows will rise to the surface, only to be viewed in a new light...because as the wheel turns towards year end a karmic cycle is about to break.

The energies that have been bubbling beneath the surface need release as we lead the planet into the next stage, consciousness. It takes courage, but it is time to follow the stars and manifest a new reality and a new world. Your soul chose to be here at this time. Everything is in alignment for action, not necessarily physical, but spiritual action.

October is the most powerful month of 2020 as we both kick off and end the month with a full moon. It seems that everything this year has brought us to this

juncture…and having two Full Moons in the same month indicates a theme of

clearing out the old.

We have a rare magical Blue Moon coming on Halloween: October 31, 2020, the 1st Halloween blue moon since 2001. You won’t want to miss it…the next time we can expect a full moon on Halloween is in 2039! Absolutely the perfect union of forces for the night that is most sacred to the witch. Goddess Luna in the practical sign of Taurus will deliver her wisdom and guiding light.

There will be chaos ahead as we shift out of the karmic cycle we have been in, but

rainbows cannot rise without storms. Remember this as you journey through not

just this Full Moon but also the months ahead.

A special treat for your listening delight…Harvest Moon


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