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November 29, 2020 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

November 30th …Embrace the power of the twins, sweeties…it’s Gemini time!!!

What makes a Full Moon better? A Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse of course! And for those wondering…a Lunar Eclipse is like a Full Moon on steroids.

After almost a year of such intense and destructive energies, we all know change is what is needed. Remember that transformation we talked about on the new moon? Well, this eclipse will open a portal to release all that stands in our way…because above all Gemini is the messenger whose role it is to spread the truth. And this is the eclipse to lay it all out…. because influenced by Mercury this moon is destined to bring in some uncertain vibes. Communication and change are on the horizon and it just might be the best time to break old patterns and see what the future holds.

The moon we will see is the “Beaver Moon,” “Long Night Moon” or the “Cold Moon”. Astrologers say it’ll bring truths to light. As we enter into the dark season maybe we should think of this as a chance for energy to clear, and shift as we move into a year dominated by Aquarian energy.

In goddess lore the November Full Moon belongs to Baba Yaga. Her themes are harvest, rest, regeneration, thankfulness. She reawakens in us an awareness of time’s ever-moving wheel, the seasons and the significance of both to our Goddess-centered magic. As the old wise woman, the crone, she reminds one to seek the wisdom that only age can bring.

Shine brightly, my Moonbeams

Ways to Honor the Full Moon

· draw down the moon

· charge crystals

· brew potions

· make a batch of “moon water”

· make a tea made with moon-related herbs and flowers, such as rose, jasmine or chamomile.

· smudge out your home

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Ritual

Need-4 pieces of black tourmaline, a feather & palo santo, sage or mugwort

· Light up smudge…walk past every wall wafting smoke in each area

· Use feather to direct smoke, paying special attention to windows/doors

· While you are directing the smoke, say out loud: “All that does not belong here, leave now. By the power of three so mote it be”

· Smudge your body & the tourmaline

· Place all 4 pieces in the 4 corners of your home-like a crystal grid

· Ask spirit to protect the energy of your home and block anything not aligned with your higher purpose from entering.

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