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April 22, 2021 1 min read

Our remote ancestors said to their Mother Earth:

'We are yours.'

Modern humanity has said to Nature: 'You are mine' -

The Green Man has returned as the living face of the whole Earth so that through His mouth we may say to the Universe: 'We are one.' ~ William Anderson

Native American philosophies tell us that our actions effect the next seven generations. This message is more important than ever with leaders who deny climate change and the sad rollback of many environmental protections that have taken place. The world is shifting and changing around us.

As an herbalist I connect deeply with Mama Earth and share with you daily all the medicine she has for us. But, our home is in a state of emergency and Gaia needs our love now more than ever.

When we open our hearts and listen to nature, we send HER love…when we realize that it's time for the seas, the forests and the divine feminine to come together and awaken, we send HER love...And when we teach our children to care for the Earth we send HER love.

Thinking of Earth Day reminded me of a song I heard years ago from the CD Fire Prayer by Denean called Song To The Mother. The song is both beautiful and powerful. Enjoy!


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