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September 24, 2022 4 min read

Most people are unaware that the Earth is a large battery, and it contains a certain kind of energy within. Did you know that you can benefit from it? This is why the subject of today is grounding with the Earth.

The technique, also known as earthing, is considered to be a therapeutic practice that involves doing activities on the ground. It is a ritual best known for being powerful because of the electrical charges and their positive effect on the body.

It is even considered a type of therapy, but it is not quite the same as the one used in mental health treatment. Today, we will explore the power of grounding, the energy that comes with it, and all the benefits it can bring, as well as how to perform it. So, read on to find out more!

What can grounding do for you?

As the technique of grounding with the earth applies to people, it can achieve several things. The electric earthing will make you feel centered, balanced, strong, solid, less stressed, and much less tense. Plus, it will make your entire body and mind feel good!

Which are the best types of grounding?

When it comes to grounding, there are several popular types to consider. The most favored are those that will help you the most while reconnecting to Earth. Now, let's look at some of the best options:

-          Walk barefoot – has it ever occurred to you to walk barefoot on the grass on a hot summer day? This is considered to be one of the easiest ways to keep yourself grounded. Whether it is grass, sand, or even mud, you can feel yourself connecting to Earth once again while you are walking barefoot. The natural surface will help provide you with plenty of grounding energy.

-          Lay on the ground – skin contact with the Earth has been proven to be one of the most therapeutic activities. Lying on the floor is an excellent way to achieve that. You can do it anywhere you like – whether it is lying on the grass in a park or lying on the sand at the beach; we are certain you will achieve what you need to. The only thing you should remember here is that whenever you decide to ground yourself, you should take the necessary precautions. This means that you should be careful that you do this in an area where you wouldn't end up being injured.

-          When in water – according to some experts, the water can be used for earthing the same way the floor can be used for the process. If you are uncertain about how to approach it, wading in a clear lake or taking a swim in the ocean is an excellent way of grounding with the Earth. Of course, the one thing you need to be careful of is to stay safe at all times when you go swimming. This especially goes for those people who like to go into deep or murky waters.

-          The right equipment is a must – when you want to begin earthing, but the above activities are not an acceptable option for you, there are always some alternatives. One of the methods of this ritual involves taking a metal rod – this is then inserted into the ground and connected to the body with the help of a wire or two.


If you are not feeling very comfortable with this option, then you should make a note of the other equipment for grounding available to you. Some of these items can be extremely helpful, especially if you want to incorporate this calming process into your daily life, without fuss. Some of the best products include grounding socks or mats, bands, patches, and even blankets and sheets. You can find all of these products very easily online and in some specialized stores.


Why should you use grounding?

When it comes to the benefits of this process, people have claimed that it has brought them many improvements. Some of its advantages include:

- The release of chronic pain – for many people that have been experiencing chronic pain for a lengthy period, the technique of grounding with the Earth has helped them release some of the pain and feel better. Ultimately, these individuals have continued with the ritual and enjoyed significantly lower levels of pain in the long term.

- Getting rid of chronic fatigue – some massage therapists have reported that they have experienced lower fatigue levels after a couple of weeks of treatment on grounding mats. This is considered to be a revolutionary discovery that may change the approach to health and exercise.

- Depression and anxiety – there have been some studies that have proven the effects of grounding therapy on people’s moods. After about an hour of practicing this ritual, people have been noticeably better, and their mood has significantly improved.

- Improved sleeping pattern – with earthing therapy, massage therapists have also experienced an improved sleeping pattern. Grounding with the Earth has proven to be an excellent way to get back those healthy sleeping patterns.

- Cardiovascular diseases – last but not least, one of the best effects of the long-term grounding technique includes reduced blood pressure levels in people who have previously been dealing with hypertension. This is another tidbit of excellent news we can share with you!


Many health professionals confirm the benefits of grounding are both countless and amazing. They come from the simple realization that you are connected to the Earth. And it has proven to be an excellent technique that focuses on aligning your energy with that of the Earth. You can perform it inside and outside, with or without additional equipment. The only thing that you should have in mind is that you should always be aware of your surroundings, especially when you are outside. This is how you will ensure yourself that you are safe before you begin the process of grounding with the Earth.

If you are interested in delving more into the holistic approaches to a better self, don’t hesitate to contact us! We can provide you with wellness training, courses, and retreats that you will love!

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