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January 08, 2020 2 min read

The New Year is here, and a new decade too! It's time to embrace your inner mystic, moonbeams, and look to the moon for guidance on your journey. Because on January 10th we have the year’s first full moon, the Full Wolf Moon, in watery emotional Cancer. We also have a Lunar Eclipse.

The Crab is a Cardinal Water sign known as The Teacher. Cancer says, “I Feel,” and the ruling planet is the Moon. With all of this going on, expect the unexpected. Expect an outpouring of feelings you didn’t know you needed to express. Expect the eclipse and Cancer to bring endings to things that we have outgrown but aren't ready to let go of.

Remember: what may seem broken is likely transformed. We are ready. All zodiac signs get their own Full Moon each year, but in 2019, there was one sign that missed out: Cancer! The crab will now have its big shining moment and with the extra eclipse energy, it will come out of its proverbial shell and “remind” us of its power.

There is a word in Sanskrit which is perfect for this moon: Maitri. Maitri can be translated as "friendship," or "benevolence." But another way of describing Maitri is a kind of self-love that money can't buy. Cancer rules over the heart chakra.

So, as we commence into this new decade, let us give ourselves the gift self-love: heart love. The ancients believed that when the Full Moon fell in your sign, your pineal gland, the seat of your soul, would be activated, allowing you to align deeper with the cosmos and higher dimensions around you.

So, for all those born under the crab, find that magical place in your life and live there.

See you next time when we close out the month with a new moon and solar eclipse in Aquarius. What a year it will be!

I wish you a Happy New Decade and for 2020 to bring us all cosmic moments of happiness, love and light.


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