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December 18, 2019 2 min read

The 2019 Winter Solstice will be on Saturday, December 21st.

Solstice is derived from two Latin words, "sol" meaning sun and "sistere" meaning to stand still. The Winter Solstice is unique among the days of the year—it is the time of the longest night and the shortest day.

And while this sabbat is meant to ring in the returning of the light, it's important to remember that with this being the longest, darkest day of the year, time should be spent in contemplation of that darker side. For without the dark there cannot be light.

This is just as psychological a process as it is a spiritual or seasonal one. The act of calling back the light is one where we ask to have our conscious awareness awakened, because without conscious introspection, there cannot be inspiration.

Now is the time to reflect on the year behind us. To look at the fears we had, to look at all the chances we took, to see all that we lost, and look at the joy we gave. Know in your heart that you are strong enough...fearless enough to walk through the gate (or the fire, are you listening Kali?) into the next year. So, stand still for a moment today and reflect. Be fearless—for you are your own sun, and you shine so bright.

As Winter Solstice is also the day of Yule, I would like to share with you Patti Wigington’s “12 Days of Yule Devotionals.”

She wrote, “The winter solstice is a time of reflection, during the darkest and longest night of the year. Why not take a moment to offer up a prayer on Yule? Try a different devotional each day to give you food for thought during the holiday season.”

This solstice, give yourself the gift of tenderness and release. Gather with others, light lanterns, and set intentions that will grow with the warmth of the sun’s increasing light (much like a new moon). Celebrate the healing, nurturing powers of the dark. May Iris, Rhiannon, Hera, Lucina, Bona Dea, Frigga, Lucia and Freya show you the beauty of the season and bless you many times over.

Celebrate the season with some Solstice/Yule Incense:

2 parts Fir needles

1 part clove

1 part frankincense tears

1 part myrrh resin

5 star anise seeds

½ part amber resin

Mix all together. If frankincense, myrrh and the amber are not moist enough to stick, add a bit of honey to the mix. This will definitely bind your loose incense. Make sure to dry completely. Use in incense warmer or burn on a charcoal disk set in fireproof bowl.

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