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December 09, 2019 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!

Embrace the power of the twins, sweeties, it’s Gemini time!

Decisions, sensations, feelings, our voice…all are just more intense during a full

moon. The full moon on December 12th illuminates the truth, especially in communications, motives and intentions. And, Gemini, astrology’s gossip sign, is all about being seen and heard.

As the wheel completes its transit with the final full moon of the year, it is the

perfect time to ask yourself, “What is working? What is not working?” To truly look

at all the different parts of your life to see what is no longer serving you and what

is not acting for your highest good. The Gemini moon will be right there to help

you let go of what is holding you back as you come to a better understanding of

yourself as well as your needs. Use this moon to find your way. Remind yourself

that you are not alone in the midst of chaos.

There is no right, wrong or perfect way to celebrate the moon. For some it is as

simple as putting a crystal on a windowsill under a full moon to cleanse and charge

the stone. For others it is a more elaborate dance.

Ways to Honor the Full Moon

Eat dark chocolate

Get an aromatic massage

Make a batch of “moon water”

Take a rose petal bath

Drink tea made from moon-related herbs and flowers, such as rose, jasmine

or chamomile

Make a full moon supper: white wine, shellfish and herbed crescent rolls

Walk along the beach in the middle of the night

Smudge out your home

Have a “moon dance”

Herbs of Gemini: dill, parsley, lavender, marjoram and anise

Crystals of Gemini: agate, apatite, aquamarine, celestite, chrysocolla, citrine,

emerald, epidote, howlite, clear quartz and serpentine

Gemini rules the lungs, including the shoulders, arms, hands, and nervous system. Partner up, hold on and have some fun with this body-love yoga ritual:

Seated Spinal Twist~Shoulder Stretches~Downward Dog~Warrior

I~Dancer~Warrior III~Boat~Childs Pose

The picture above shows the Triple Moon Goddess, astrologically referring to the

full moon. Maiden, Mother and Crone, the three faces of the Moon Goddess,

shining brightly in the deep dark sky.

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