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August 12, 2023 2 min read

Greetings, Lovely Moonbeams!

As we step into the latter half of the year, August emerges as a pivotal month astrologically, brimming with cosmic significance. With the dynamic energy of both Leo and Virgo, a fiery Leo New Moon gracing the skies on August 16th, the onset of the third Mercury Retrograde cycle on August 23rd, and the captivating presence of a potent Blue Moon in ethereal Pisces on August 30th, our celestial path is ablaze with promise and intrigue.

Yet, amid these celestial marvels, the ongoing cosmic narrative initiated on July 22nd by the Venus retrograde takes center stage beneath the New Moon's luminous glow. This cosmic interplay casts a spotlight not only on matters of the heart and relationships but also on the intricate fabric of our financial landscapes and perceptions of self-worth. Amidst the emotional ebbs and flows of this week, remember to extend kindness to yourself, nurturing your inner world through the tides of change.

The New Moon, a harbinger of renewal, fresh beginnings, and introspection, ushers in an auspicious period for manifestation and intention-setting. This is your canvas to paint your desires and dreams, a space to ponder goals, or simply a sanctuary for solitary contemplation. Embrace the enigmatic embrace of darkness, for within its depths, magic is woven.

Now, an opportune juncture emerges to anchor intentions rooted in self-assuredness and self-love. Leo, governed by the sun and the fierce fire element, ignites the realm of passion, desire, and determination. It beckons us to embrace courage and audacity. At this juncture, the spotlight shines brightly on your Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras. The Solar Plexus, the third Chakra, signifies willpower, self-esteem, and trust – a profound core of our being. Complementing this, the Throat Chakra empowers authentic expression, allowing your true self to resonate. For how can one vocalize truth without first nurturing an unwavering belief and love for oneself?

As August unfolds, let the lion-hearted Leo embolden you to craft the life you envision and rekindle the flames of your innate power. With each step, let your resonance be that of empowerment, as you embrace the radiant potential within.

Stay luminous and embrace the journey ahead, dear Moonbeams.

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