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November 20, 2019 2 min read

art by Mystic Mamma

Hello Moonbeams!

Once again it is NEW MOON TIME and hope is in the air! Because this one is in the absolutely magnificent indie-spirited sign of Sagittarius. The Sagittarius moon will grace us on Tuesday, November 26th.

Where do you stand after the full moon 2 weeks ago? If you trust your instincts… this Sag moon urges you to believe in You.

Sagittarius is the vision seeker, full of optimism and a thirst for life. During this New Moon it leads us to open the doorway within and take a closer look at all aspects of us. Without light we would have no shadow and without shadow we would have no light. We are in the final phases of the wheel of the year moving towards Winter Solstice.

As we embrace the dark and the warmth of light, is this not the most perfect time embrace and celebrate new beginnings, to fling the seeds of our intentions into the universe? Intention gives an idea or a thought fuel and power. From intention comes manifestation and December will bring in a whole new wave of discovery. Be thoughtful in where you put your energy and what you create. It's time to explore on a deep, meaningful level that may surprise you.

"Riding the wave of depth and insight from Scorpio season, Sagittarius season lunges us into a quest because ultimately, its greatest passion is the exploration of consciousness," says Patheos.

Herbs of the Sagittarius Moon: anise, basil, borage, chestnut, clove, dandelion, endive, fig, honeysuckle, horse chestnut, hyssop, linden, sage and yellow dock

Crystals of the Sagittarius Moon: black obsidian, lepidolite, blue lace agate, tigers’ eye, citrine and bronzite

Sagittarius rules the thighs, hips, and sciatic nerve, so since this is a time for lovingly planting seeds, we’ve designed a little body-love yoga ritual designed for Sag Season.

Breathe 5 breaths in each pose:

Triangle ~Revolved Triangle ~Dancer ~Pyramid ~Revolved Pyramid ~Spider ~ Lizard

Happy New Moon!

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