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April 20, 2020 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!

Here we are again: April’s New Moon in Taurus on the 22nd.

In ancient times, entire events were planned around what was happening in the sky. Today, we barely have time to breathe…at least we did until now. Taurus moons are all about creativity, sensuality, slowing down and grounding oneself to the Earth, to reality, to the here and now.

So appropriate in our world today! Confident, determined and earthy Taurus encourages us to stretch our minds and manifest a new vision. This is a time where you can create fairly substantial and radical shifts in your life, but you have to be willing to disrupt all that has been holding you back in order to do it. You will be asking for things to come into, or to blossom in your world. April blooms with the newness of spring.

Observe how you feel for a few days. After a new moon you may have insights as to how to take action toward your dreams that you won’t want to miss. Let it be; it will become.

Last time, we discussed a full moon ritual. For this new moon, let’s work on a mandala and crystal flower grid. Using flowers, herbs, crystals or natural elements, set up a design devoted to your intention.

- Selenite is apt as it is closely related to the Greek moon goddess Selene.

- Jasper, is a stone more closely connected to the earth and known today as the Stone of global awareness.

- Amazonite can assist you in pressing that reset button in life.

For all you yogis reading this post, you might remember that the moon is highly related to Lord Shiva as he has a half moon on his head as a symbol. By offering prayers to Lord Shiva, and by repeating the mantra, Om Namah Shivaya, you can accelerate the healing process of this new moon.

Finally, here is a Taurus body-love yoga ritual: Warrior 1~Goddess~Grounded Lunge~Downward Dog~Tree~Savasana with grounding meditation Until next month moonlovers…peace and love.

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