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May 10, 2021 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

As we relax days after Beltane, it is time to ask ourselves:

What do I need in order to feel happy fulfilled and yes, loved. Taurus, like spring, is bursting with new life, but after all the crazed energies of the last 2 months, we are being encouraged to trust our instincts and deepen our embodiment to our own sexuality. This New Moon on May 11, 2021 (at 2:59 PM EDT) will usher us into eclipse season with a Super Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at month’s end…a time of shifts and transformation. So, before all that how about some fun?

May is such a lusty month…flowers blooming, the warmth of the sun, fertility and of course the lusty celebration of Beltane to start it all. And just to cement all that…Taurus is ruled by the sensual lover Venus. Mmm-hmm. There will be no holding back. Now is the time for all those self-care rituals you have been putting off. You know the ones…massages with scented oils, aromatic baths and any beauty treatments that include rose. Historically, the flower itself was a symbol of female sexuality and the oil & rosewater were often used in magical rituals to honor Venus. This mind-blowing flower is often connected with love, romance and forgiveness and is said that it can soften even the hardest of hearts.

I know, I know: Taurus wants to indulge and that is what I am saying, right? However, this moon also gives us the space to make plans, organize our thoughts and connect us with the strength of self-worth needed to navigate the intense changes which will occur during eclipse season. For all the procrastinators out there, don’t fret if you haven't gotten your intentions totally outlined. Deep down in your sub conscious you already know what your intentions should be- your conscious mind just needs to catch up. Under the influence of this Taurus moon our thoughts turn to grounding, a strong solid earthy foundation on which to stand. Ground your bare feet into Mother Earth and express your gratitude for all the abundance she provides. This will also help you detox your body, reduce inflammation, and help you relax as you glide through May with a harmonious, romantic ease. As witches know, the new moon is an excellent time to shine! So go ahead my loves, you have no idea how brightly you glow!

Blessed Be

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