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May 24, 2021 2 min read

Meanings & Intentions:

New Moon - new beginnings, turning inward

Waxing Crescent - setting intentions, planting seeds

Quarter Moon - begin taking action

Waxing Gibbous - respond to life's reaction and adjust

Full Moon - reap what you sowed, receive

Waning Gibbous - embrace gratitude, share your gifts

Quarter Moon - cleanse and release

Waning Crescent – surrender

Hey Moonbeams …

The Full Moon on Wednesday May 26th is definitely the time to look up! This is the only total lunar eclipse of the year. A total lunar eclipse happens when the earth is lined up between the moon and the sun, creating a shadow that gives the moon that red/orange glow-hence the name blood moon. Spring’s final full moon is also known as a Full Flower Moon. Indigenous tribes in eastern North America called it a Full Flower Moon to signify the colorful blossoms of this time.

As the eclipse arrives with a shadow crossing over the moonlight, it’s anyone’s guess what truths will be revealed. Eclipses always follow cycles and generally come in pairs-the Lunar Eclipse, which falls on the Full Moon and a Solar Eclipse which falls on the New Moon. Wednesday brings us Sagittarius Full Moon Total Eclipse and on Thursday June 10th we have a Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse. The time between these two pairs of Eclipses is considered the Eclipse Gateway and is a period that usually lasts for about 2 weeks. It’s kinda like having an extra potent full moon every night-a peak time for manifestation. The thing with Eclipses is that they represent portals that elevate and push us, shining a light on what is needed to change. Use this time to connect with your inner, true self. Also in astrology, a blood moon eclipse is said to bring sudden change or a need to transform or shift our lives in a new direction. Having a lunar eclipse in the free- spirited sign of Sag will allow us to set our intentions and aim our arrows in that direction, knowing within that any transformations that unfold are part of your evolution.

Under the lunar eclipse we also are gifted the energy to be able to see people &

situations in a new light. Lunar eclipses are a time to let go and surrender, to release, purge, and do what is best for your soul. Paired with the Sagittarius Full Moon the eclipse will help us see deeper and offer a shifting energy that many of us have been praying for. Can you feel the shift? Are you ready to be guided on a completely different path? Then just breathe and surrender…the revelations and changes just might rock your world.

Moondust and Love to you always, Debbi

Full Moon Eclipse Moon Water

I LOVE everything about Moon Water and plan to make some Wednesday and each night of those powerful interim weeks between eclipses. Moon Water has many energetic and magickal purposes and uses…. it can be used like blessing water… it can be used to enhance your spells and rituals…it can be used to anoint money to increase wealth…to anoint yourself to increase psychic awareness… and so much more.

Step-By-Step Guide:

1. On the night of the full moon, place a clear quartz crystal in a jar of purified water. (Can also make by the gallon).

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