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August 28, 2019 1 min read

Artwork Credit: by Lori Menna, Cosmic Collage

Hello Moonbeams!

Once again it is NEW MOON TIME and love is in the air! This full moon is in

the absolutely magnificent earthy sign of Virgo.

After the Leo new moon extravaganza party last month, it's now time to settle in.

The planets are aligned, enhancing healing, love, service to others and attention to the home. But take care: this is the most detail-oriented sign of the zodiac. Virgo’s analyze everything to the point of overthinking. They want to know the who, what, where, and why’s of everything and everyone.

Talk about overthinking! And to top it off, this full moon is more potent than others as it is our second new moon in a month — the oh so powerful Black Moon. New Moons are the right time to plant some metaphorical seeds.

New changes; new beginnings. They help us breathe and break through any barriers that were holding us back. They show us the way to use new perspectives in moving forward, almost like acting as a second chance for us to get up and claim a new path. The Black Moon just makes everything a bit more powerful.

Herbs of the Virgo Month: Chamomile, Frankincense, Cedar

Crystals for the Virgo Black Moon: Selenite, Clear Quartz and Lapis Lazuli

Since this is a time for lovingly planting seeds, we’ve designed a little body-love yoga ritual designed for Virgo Season.

Breathe 5 breaths in each pose:

Easy Seat Pranayama

Extended Puppy Pose

Downward Dog

Forward Fold

1/2 Forward Fold

Sumo Squat

Downward Dog

Low Lunge (both sides)

Half Lord of the Fishes



Supported Shoulder Stand


Happy New Moon!

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