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March 12, 2021 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

Marchs' New Moon moves into the sky on the 13th at 5:21 a.m. EST, under the mystical sign of Neptune-ruled Pisces-my favorite keywords for Pisces are: *Dreams *Creativity *Psychic *Divination *Intuition *Surrender. Let it be & it will become.

The best feature about a new moon is the feeling of starting anew... a fresh start or a new beginning as you journey through the spiral of life or in the case of Pisces swimming through the seas of life. Here’s the thing…I am a triple- a Libra sun, Libra moon, and Libra rising, which is A LOT of air. To create some balance with that, I tend to work with water all the time! Water brings me back to center, balancing all that Libra air. The use of water from the sea is an important aspect in Moon Magic (salt being a crystal form). The "charging" of water, and the release of the "charge" through evaporation, is an important aspect.

And now here we are…back to the sea… in the magical realm of Pisces…her rainbow fins sparkling as she swims alongside romantic Venus and spiritual, oh, so dreamy Neptune. Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, is now aligned with the heart awakening energy of Venus poised to activate that heart chakra and lead us into a deep emotional love. Just remember that excess Neptune energy is like seeing the world through rose colored glasses so listen to your inner voice.

This moon is THE spiritual reboot we need, forcing us to connect with our feelings and assess where we currently stand. Pisceans are not entirely at home in this world. At times they prefer their ethereal life to their physical one as they are forever dreaming, creating, and imagining a better reality. With any New Moon we ask ourselves where do we go from here? What are our dreams telling us? What is your soul yearning for right now? Things to ponder as we prepare for spring’s rebirth…March 20th the first day of spring as well as the astrological new year…all leading to the full moon in Libra on March 28 to balance our hearts and close out the month.

New Moon Altar Magic

In the center position a bowl of saltwater and submerge a white seashell into the water. As you do so, whisper the name of the Goddess who rules the current phase of this moon Diana. Around the bottom of the bowl, set nine white shells, forming a crescent. If the magic is for the gain of something, place the shells from right to left. If the magic is for the removal, or loss of something, then place the shells from left to right. Leave out for 3 days.

until next month…peace & love

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