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June 22, 2022 4 min read

Today you will discover everything you need to know about what Kundalini yoga is and how it can help you to transform your life.


What is Kundalini Yoga?

The concept of Kundalini Astanga was introduced by a Pakistani yogi teacher named Yogi Bhajan. But when it comes to living a high vibrational life filled with spiritual wellbeing, emotional stability, and physical health; first, it is important to understand what Kundalini is and how it affects human life. Kundalini Yoga has gained immense popularity throughout the world in recent years. The word Kundalini is derived from Sanskrit origin Kundala meaning “circular or coiled”. It refers to the strong and powerful energy that lies in the base of our spine. It is composed of a set of specific asanas and meditation techniques that are believed to pull the energy from the spine to the head. It activates the energy in the body so that it can travel from the spine to the head through the seven chakras, which are as follows:

  1.       Root Chakra
  2.       Pelvic or sacral Chakra (also termed as Svadhisthana)
  3.       Navel Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra
  4.       Heart Chakra
  5.       Throat Chakra
  6.       Third eye Chakra
  7.       Crown or head Chakra

These seven Chakras act as essential energy regulators or energy centers in the body. They play an integral role in stimulating spiritual wellness. When they are unblocked, energy flows through them harmoniously – exhibiting amazing positive effects on mind, soul, and body. In essence, that is where this spiritual technique comes in handy. What Kundalini yoga can do is seamlessly unblock these seven chakras so that your energy can flow freely. Kundalini yoga is a combination of specific postures, meditation techniques, chanting, singing, and breathing movements to regulate the energy centers of the body. The patterns are usually repetitive and specific as they are focused on strengthing the body’s core. It promotes spiritual well-being and elevates the self-conscious system. The beginner-friendly Kundalini poses include; archer, cobra, and lotus.


6 major benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Here are six major benefits that will help you to understand what Kundalini yoga is and how it helps strengthen your mind, body, and soul.

  • Helps in strengthening the body

Breathing postures and meditation techniques under Kundalini yoga help strengthen the body. The seven chakras are placed at different levels. When Kundalini unblocks these chakras, it not only promotes energy flow but also boosts the function of major organs. The open chanting song warms up your spine. In addition, the flexibility associated with yoga helps strengthen the back muscles and improves blood circulation.

  • Spiritual awareness

Kundalini practice has been linked with spiritual enlightenment. When people practice self-reflection, they tend to be happier and more contented – it helps to shift their mindset to acquire positivity. This greatly impacts their jobs, relationships, and personal lives. Overall people who are more self-aware of themselves and are connected with their inner selves tend to live fulfilling lives. Moreover, such people tend to be more empathic and caring. Their energy levels are also elevated which helps them to perform better in life activities. The energy that you experience during the Kundalini awakening is wondrous. Promotes feelings of inner peace and contentment

  • Promotes feelings of inner peace and contentment

Kundalini yoga encourages you to accept yourself fully and wholeheartedly. This promotes feelings of peace and inner contentment. It improves self-perception and nurtures self-appreciation. In fact, people practicing Kundalini yoga tend to have more self-confidence. Their energy becomes charismatic. Kundalini yoga also increases the production of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is referred to as the “happy hormone”, so it boosts mood and makes people feel lighter and happier.

  • Improves flexibility

People who practice Kundalini yoga on regular basis tend to have more flexibility and better body posture as compared to the people who do not. The yoga postures included in the Kundalini help in stretching the body. This promotes blood circulation to all parts of the body. Moreover, it also helps in reducing backaches or shoulder pain by stretching the muscles and ligaments. Practicing physical movement like this helps in strengthening the core.

  • Boosts overall health

To live a better life, it is important to practice and understand what Kundalini yoga is and how it helps in maintaining general well-being. This type of yoga strengthens your diaphragm which helps in promoting digestion and speeding up the metabolism. It also helps to keep blood pressure and blood sugar levels in check. Basically, long slow breaths combined with yoga poses help in reducing the feelings of stress and anxiety.

  • Improves memory

If you are struggling with concentration and focus, practicing Kundalini yoga will prove to be beneficial for you. It impacts cognitive thinking skills and parts of the brain that are responsible for maintaining and improving the concentration span. People who engage in physical and spiritual activities regularly have improved attention span. In addition to this, their creativity levels are elevated and they have enhanced psychic abilities. This helps them acquire cognitive flexibility and improve their problem-solving skills.


How to practice Kundalini Yoga?

A clear mind, healthy body, improved concentration span, and self-awareness are key principles to living a healthy and happy life. A typical Kundalini yoga session is composed of a combined set of mantras, chanting, singing sessions, body postures, and controlled breathing movements. It also involves 13 yoga poses that help in strengthening the body.

If you are inspired after reading about what Kundalini is, we invite you to consider our Kundalini yoga teacher training! You will be amazed how it will transform your life. This spiritual practice positively affects all aspects of an individual’s life because it enables you to embrace yourself and be more self-aware. By unblocking the seven chakras, Kundalini helps in clearing the mind which reduces the constant feeling of stress, fatigue, and anxiety. Above all, it enhances your sense of creativity and strengthens your body so you can live a happy and fulfilling life. Explore some of our most popular Kundalini offerings in our shop and below!

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