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June 29, 2023 3 min read

Greetings, Beautiful Moonbeams!

Get ready to embrace the celestial magic because an extraordinary event is about to unfold. On July 3rd, at 4:39 am PT/7:39 am ET, the Capricorn Full Moon will reach its peak, marking the beginning of a powerful lunar phase. This particular full moon is also known as the Full Buck Moon and holds the distinction of being the first of four supermoons in 2023. Supermoons occur when the moon is at its closest proximity to Earth, resulting in a breathtakingly larger-than-normal appearance. So, be prepared to witness a spectacle in the night sky!

However, the magnificence doesn't end there. As if the Full Buck Moon and its supermoon status weren't enough, July 3rd also heralds the opening of the Sirius Gateway (on the 4th), a cosmic alignment that connects the Sun with the brilliant star, Sirius. Referred to as the "spiritual sun," Sirius shines even brighter than our own sun. This alignment ushers in a time of profound significance, as it is known to facilitate soul awakenings, provide insights, clarity, and even awaken the third eye. The transformative effects of this celestial event will continue to reverberate until August 30th when another extraordinary occurrence takes place—a Blue Moon, which happens when there are two full moons within the same calendar month. Prepare yourself for an awe-inspiring couple of months ahead!

Capricorn, the astrological sign associated with this Full Moon, is represented by a mythical creature—a blend of a goat and a fish. This fusion symbolizes the duality of Capricorn individuals. They possess the determination and drive of the goat, which enables them to steadily climb the mountainous path toward their goals. Simultaneously, they embrace the fish's ability to navigate the depths of emotional waters, seeking inner wisdom to illuminate their journey. With this karmic energy permeating our physical bodies, auric fields, and chakras, it becomes imperative to utilize this opportune time to assess our lives. Take a moment to reflect on what truly matters and identify what aspects are no longer serving your highest good. In the midst of today's chaotic world, let us align with the moon's cyclical rhythm, for it is within the monthly lunar dance that we find the wellspring of revolution, transformation, and magick.

Crafting a Lunar Infusion

Just as the sun's warmth can infuse tea with its energy, the moon possesses its own unique power to create a lunar infusion. Imagine the alchemical process of making sun tea, but with the moon as your guide. Flowers and aerial parts of plants are particularly suited for lunar infusions, while night-blooming blossoms like jasmine and herbs from the Artemisia genus tend to yield exceptional results. Personally, I find delight in brewing an overnight infusion of Mugwort, Sage, and Rosemary, but the possibilities are endless. Explore new combinations with each full moon, perhaps experimenting with all-red herbs, golden herbs, or sticking to a refreshing blend of mint. Embrace the whimsy and creativity that the full moon inspires—after all, it is a time of magic and wonder.

As we anticipate the grandeur of the Capricorn Full Moon and the subsequent supermoons, let us open our hearts to the boundless energy and wisdom the cosmos graciously bestows upon us. May this be a time of introspection, manifestation, and awe-inspiring growth as we traverse the celestial tapestry together.

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