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February 04, 2023 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!

There’s a surreal vibe in the air ad that can only mean one thing… a cosmic mixing bowl of drama, surprising revelations and bold actions! Yes, Leo is strutting into your life with the Full Moon on February 5th at exactly 1:28pm EST, sweeties.

Needless to say, this isn’t an ordinary full moon. Leo is considered the regal ruler in astrology, mastered by the sun. The beautiful synergy of the sun and full moon finds the lion in the spotlight…increasing the desire and need for recognition.

The challenging aspect of this moon (squaring Uranus) might bring emotions into the forefront. The lion has an affinity for drama and while it is fine to be “over the top”, you will need to remember to use a bit of restraint in your communications . In short, this is not the time to start any needless drama. And this being Aquarius season as well, you might consider how you can shine your light where it is needed most.

Leo rules the heart and over the top extravagant romance clearly falls under the lion’s domain. Now’s the time to visualize that soulmate! After all this moon isn’t also called a hunger moon for nothing, right? However, proceed with caution moonbeams…because the two lovers in the sky, Venus and Mars, might spice things up a bit with their flames of passion!

And for those uncoupled loves this moon offers the perfect time in which to practice self-love…often overlooked in favor of romantic love. Only by giving yourself love, can you genuinely love others. Trust that things will spring forth when the moment is right.

And about those seeds sown on the last New Moon? Not every seed grows as we envision. The Sun in Leo reminds us that if we can dream it, we can do it. Or as sung…”Don’t dream it…be it” (Richard O’Brien-Rocky Horror)

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