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April 19, 2024 2 min read

Greetings Seekers of Cosmic Wisdom,

Prepare yourselves, for the Full Moon is poised to cast its illuminating gaze upon our innermost depths and vulnerabilities. Known as the Pink Moon, this celestial spectacle will grace the night sky on April 23rd, unleashing its potent energies under the enigmatic sign of Scorpio.

There's a palpable intensity to this Full Moon, amplified by the primal forces of Scorpio energy. It beckons us to delve into the realms of deep inner transformation, spiritual empowerment, and the sacred dance of sexuality. As Beltane approaches, we find ourselves at the threshold of the most sensual juncture on the Pagan calendar, where goddess worship and spiritual empowerment converge in a potent cosmic embrace.

The cosmos pulsates with heightened magick during this Scorpio Full Moon. Scorpio, the harbinger of "death" and rebirth, challenges us to confront our shadow selves and unheeded emotions. Though the journey may be arduous, fraught with turmoil and upheaval, the promise of renewal awaits us on the other side. Like the lotus flower emerging from murky depths, we too have the capacity to transcend our shadows and emerge into the light of our own rebirth.

This Full Moon beckons us to peer into the depths of our being, to illuminate the shadows that lurk within, and to embrace the gifts of deeper wisdom, heightened intuition, and profound renewal that await us. To amplify the energies of this celestial event, consider adorning your altar with symbols of passion and transformation: red wine, black candles, orange blooms, and dark crystals. And as the moon rises to its zenith, immerse yourself in ritual, trusting in the magick of the night to guide you on your journey of transformation.

Crystals: Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Sodalite, Obsidian Herbs: Belladonna, Basil, Sage, Catnip Colors: Maroon, Red, Black Goddesses: Lilith, Hecate, Kali

Crafting a Lunar Infusion:

Just as the sun infuses tea with its warmth, so too does the moon impart its unique energy upon our creations. Harness the sacred feminine energy of the cosmos by crafting a delectable moon tea, allowing the essence of the moon to infuse every sip with its potent magick. Picture the alchemical process of sun tea, but with the moon as your celestial guide.

As you sip from your cup, feel the nurturing embrace of the Divine Feminine and the boundless potential that resides within. Flowers and aerial parts of plants are particularly suited for lunar infusions, with night-blooming blossoms like jasmine and herbs from the Artemisia genus yielding exceptional results.

For my personal blend, I'll be brewing a delightful concoction of rose petals, hawthorn leaf, hibiscus, linden, dried pomegranate seeds, and raspberries. However, the possibilities are as endless as the cosmos itself. Experiment with new combinations with each full moon, embracing the whimsy and creativity that this sacred time inspires.

May your journey be guided by the magick of the moon, and may each sip of moon tea be a reminder of your inherent power and potential.

Blessed be!

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