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November 05, 2022 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

When the moon is at it’s peak…Then your heart’s desire seek
– The Rede of the Wiccae

In goddess lore the November Full Moon belongs to Baba Yaga. Her themes are harvest, rest, regeneration and thankfulness. She reawakens in us an awareness of the ever-moving Wheel of the Year, the seasons and the importance of both to our Goddess-centered magick. As the crone, she reminds us to seek the wisdom that only age can bring. And wisdom is what this world needs now. The Full Blood moon with Total Lunar Eclipse will rise on November 8th, (Election Day in the United States), at 6:02 am.  This will be the last total lunar eclipse the Earth will see for the next three years.

While Full Moons are typically emotional, they are further intensified by the energy of a simultaneous eclipse-kind of like a full moon on steroids.Many people fear eclipses, but it’s important to remember they come every year and they are part of the energetic cycle in the Wheel of the Year. Because we’re currently in Taurus we can expect the unexpected...lightning-fast shifts in money matters, the climate of the earth and its inhabitants as well as a possible shake-up in security. Change is here and will shake up our lives in all sorts of ways!

Luna is at her most potent spilling forth waves of transformative energy, reminding us that this monthly spiral is where magick and the transformation of our consciousness resides. With such intense energies whirling around, it is important to take the time now to indulge in rituals that will relax body, mind and spirit. 

Full Moon Medicine

Taurus rules the neck, vocal cords, throat and the thyroid gland.  Wear blue stones around your neck to clear; mantra chanting to open and connect the energy with daily breathwork. Drink rose-peppermint tea to activate your vagus nerve for emotional regulation while infusing yourself with the love and protection frequencies of the sacred rose and the healing clarity of peppermint. Do plow pose or fish pose to stimulate and circulate blood to thyroid gland. Put on your favorite song and sing on the top of your lungs!

Merry Meet til Next Month

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