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March 06, 2023 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

The Full Worm Moon for 2023 will rise on March 7th at 7:40AM EST. Other, less-known names for this month’s moon are the Crow Moon, Sugar Moon, the Chaste Moon, and the Death Moon. This is also the third and final full moon of the winter season before spring equinox on March 20th. With the seeds stirring to life beneath the ground this Virgo moon calls us to ground our roots deep into the Earth Mother anchoring us to the seeds of manifestation we have sown, allowing them to take root and grow.

These past few months have been fraught with emotion as we collectively ached for change. Isn’t it fortuitous that the practical energy of Virgo is here to fill us with the desire to help clear away the clutter so we can bring about real change and see things through to completion. After all , Virgo IS the sign of completion!

Drawing down the Goddess of the Moon & Bringing in that Virgo Energy!

The Full Moon occurs when the entire face of the moon is illuminated by the sun.  The cycle includes the day before & the day after the actual Full Moon, giving you a couple days to work with the soaring energy of this moon phase. This is a good time for rituals involving healing, love, knowledge, money and dreams.

Close your eyes and envision roots flowing from the soles of your feet grounding and connecting you with the Earth Mother. Under the light of the moon, stand and raise your arms, welcoming the Goddess into you. Close your eyes and feel Her power washing over you like rain. In your mind’s eye, envision Her silver light filling your body with pure shimmering energy. Stay for as long as you wish basking in the moons glow. The energy will stay with you over the next few days.


Making Moon Water 

On the night of the full moon, place a clear quartz crystal in a jar of purified water. (Can also make by the gallon). Clear Quartz will draw the lunar energy like a beacon. Place the vessel outside in a clear moonlit spot, making sure jar is covered. When morning arrives, your water will be charged with lunar energy. Drink a bit every morning for body, mind & soul balance.

Have a blessed Full Moon.

Blessed Be

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