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June 11, 2022 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

By the light of the moon, magick is made. 🌙

On June 14th (7:52 am /4:52 am PT) we will be blessed with a sweet Full Moon in Sagittarius, the sign of the archer. This, my lovelies, is the Strawberry Full Moon, so named because at this time the fruit is ripe for picking. In lore, a Strawberry Full Moon is also said to bring prosperity.

In many traditions this moon is also known as the Faerie Moon as Midsummer Solstice approaches. The month is ripe with magic and the ability for communication with the faerie world is strong. Perfect, since we will be embracing the absolutely magnificent indie-spirited Sagittarius Energy!

This moon promises to be a blast, especially since it’s a super moon (meaning that the moon’s at her closest point to earth). Sagittarian energy invites us to enjoy all life has to offer, from travel to sexuality to friendships to education and so much more....the archer is the vision/spiritual seeker, full of optimism and a thirst for life....asking us to shed those things which are holding us back even if it means moving far out of our comfort zones. No matter what, Sag is giving you a wakeup call to let go of the past and old attachments and make way for some new opportunities.

As we move toward Summer Solstice, Sagittarius energy helps us embrace and celebrate new beginnings. In the midst of Solstice, find some time to be still and let Luna’s light shine on you.

Strawberry Full Moon Ritual Wash

Types of Water: Oceans: banishing ~ cleansing

Lakes: secrets ~ divination Rivers: transformation ~ change

Rainwater: strength ~ chaos ~ creativity

Swamp: patience ~ stagnation

Fill a medium size tub with fresh water taken from a source above. Next add seasonal flowers (roses, peonies, lavender, a few leaves from a strawberry plant if available and whichever other herbs & flowers you like. Leave the bowl outside in the sun for the day. At night as the sun goes down form a circle of candles around you and dipping your hands in the bowl start brushing your hands in a downwards motion from your head along your entire body-no need to soak yourself. While cleansing, think about the changes you are making, and are experiencing...the purpose is to let the light and warmth inside you merge with the moon’s energies. Once done, step out of your circle and end the ritual. Don’t forget to blow out the candles!!!

I wish you all a wonderful day and night. Let the light and love fill you on this magickal night. 🙏🏼


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