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October 14, 2023 2 min read

Greetings, Moonbeams!

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our lovely Librans. October 14th heralds the arrival of a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in the enchanting sign of Libra, marking it as a month of profound significance for our Libran friends. This eclipse promises to usher in unexpected turns and transformative developments in areas such as finances, spiritual growth, friendships, and the realm of passionate romance. With Venus reigning over Libra as the love guru, personal relationships will take center stage, shining a light on any imbalances that may exist. Rest assured, Libra's innate ability to cut through the noise and gain clarity will guide the way. This month is a harmonious dance of equilibrium, justice, and the sacred connection between the divine feminine and sacred masculine. So, prepare to embrace the changes and shake things up, as they lead you to your rebirth.

If the whirlwind energy of the eclipse has you feeling a bit scattered, fret not; you are not alone in this. The key to finding your way through this chaos is to harness your own scales of justice and seek balance in the midst of a somewhat tumultuous landscape. Fortunately, you will be drawn towards nurturing your roots (ensuring that root chakra is grounded, dear Librans) and tending to your inner garden.

Known as the month of mysterious occurrences, witches, and a time to pay homage to our dearly departed, October beckons us to connect with the spirit world. As we navigate through the two eclipses this month, it's advisable to refrain from engaging in any ritual work or magic, as eclipse energy can be rather unpredictable. Instead, focus on grounding routines and tools, which will prove invaluable in safeguarding your energy. Embrace the commitment to self-love wholeheartedly! Your body and mind will reap the rewards of regular self-care rituals.

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN VENUSIAN ENERGIES A ritual bath is a sanctified soak drawn with a spiritual purpose and intention in mind. It incorporates salts, oils, flowers, herbs, and crystals to awaken, heal, or draw specific experiences and qualities into your life. Picture the goddess Venus herself, bathing you in love and light.

Devote an evening to indulging in a ritual bath, allowing yourself to surrender to your yin energy. Try it before bedtime to unwind, followed by journaling about any insights or sensations that arise during your bath.

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