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108 Hour Meditation Teacher Training | Online Course

Experience transformation, connection, and healing on a deep level with our 108 Hour Online Meditation Teacher Training. This immersive program offers a comprehensive understanding of 30 different types of meditation, taking you beyond your current perceptions of what meditation is and guiding you towards personal growth and fulfillment.

Designed for those who wish to learn about meditation, deepen their own meditation practice or teach meditation with confidence and empowerment, this in-depth course exceeds the minimum requirements and delves into the heart of meditation practice, incorporating mind, body, and soul.


What You'll get

Additional Materials needed

Phone, Laptop, OR IPad

Comfortable meditation clothes

Yoga Mat or Meditation Cushion

Notebooks with lined paper 

Journal for daily gratitude journaling and writing 

Writing instruments (pens/pencils)



Answering your most common questions

Training begins as soon as you are ready once you register.

Pre-recorded with course support.

Books if you choose to purchase them.

We will schedule a check in call at your request in which you can cover course questions and ask your teachers questions. We are available by email and have within 24 hour response time.

More of a lecture style with videos, reading, and course questions to help you integrate and embody what is learned.

A computer, laptop, ipad, or tablet. It is possible to take this course with a phone only. The teaching platform has an app.

More questions?