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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training | Feb 3-26 2025

Become a Fully Accredited Yoga Teacher!

Our Bali Yoga Teacher Trainings offer a transformative experience that goes beyond traditional certification programs. In addition to learning to teach yoga, you will have the opportunity to explore rituals, ceremonies, crystal work, essential oils, meditation journeys, Ayurvedic herbs, and more. Our program empowers you to break free from unconscious limitations and unlock your infinite potential, elevating your consciousness to new heights. Many students have experienced profound healing, release of past traumas, and a deep cleansing of the soul through our training. Join us in Bali and transform your body, mind, and spirit.21 Day Training Includes Tuition, Lodging and Meals

200 HOUR Yoga Teacher Training Dates:

February 3-26 2025 - 24 Day Training

Bali 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Course Topics


What You'll Need

Required Textbooks

Yoga Manual Provided​

Please purchase the book- "The Heart of Yoga" by TKV Desikachar.

You do not need to bring this book to the training, as the information in our manual (which you'll receive in hard copy) is derived from it, but it will serve as your lifelong yoga study companion. Before arriving at the course, Please read Part III of the The Heart of Yoga,"The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali" with translation and commentary by TKV Desikachar.

Additional Materials

To Bring:

Heart Of Yoga by TKV Desikachar

Yoga Mat

Notebook with lined paper, 2 is recommended

Journal for writing and collecting quotes and things

Writing instruments (pens/pencils)


Large water bottle or two filled with water

Yoga Clothes​

Beach Attire​

Bath Towel

Beach Towel

​Natural Sunscreen -with no chemicals, it isn't healthy and destroys our oceans and reefs​

Bug Spray - all natural only

A Fully Accredited Program

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