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Tarot or Oracle Card Online Reading | 50 min

Tarot card reading can help by offering profound insights about your past and present that can clarify your thought process. You can get a new perspective of life and understand why certain things happened to you in the past and how these can shape your future. When you have clarity of thoughts in your mind, you are energized and better equipped to overcome the obstacles that come your way. You may realize that you had been sabotaging your relationships thus far because of childhood insecurities and issues of trust with parental relationships.

An amazing benefit of tarot card reading is that you can find peace after a session. This is particularly important when you are going through an especially difficult time and need to make difficult decisions. Tarot card readings will help you to address all the negatives in your life now and in the future, and show you what you can change.

Jolie works with 20+ decks. You can ask questions during your session about anything pertaining to your life such as finances, love, yes/no questions, career. Scheduling a session or once monthly sessions offers great insight and clarity to your many questions and can greatly enhance your life path and decision making abilities. 50 min session. Done with the camera showing the cards for the entire session and recorded for you.