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October 05, 2021 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

Welcome to Libra season!!!…and a month of spooky happenings and pumpkin spice everything! The new moon on October 6th is a beautiful time to let go and let in. That Libra energy will have us pushing for more beauty, harmony, justice, and balance in all aspects of life, especially, relationships. Thank you, Venus?

I am a Libra, the sign of the scales, which explains the first and foremost detail-we can’t make a decision to save our lives. Seriously, we weigh the pros, cons, play out all possible outcomes, then rehash all of it several times, all in an effort to make sure we are choosing the best possible course of action. So here we are…New Moon coming and 6 planets in retrograde at the same time, including the trickster, Mercury, whose retrograde state will last until October 18th.

Libra is the relationship guru, and that beautiful moon will shine on our relationships and reveal what is not in balance. But a retrograde Mercury means just one thing: with the cosmos preparing to spread some havoc on our lives, Libras natural diplomacy skills and endless charm will be needed to get the results we want. Libra is drawn to keep the peace, to be polite, smile sweetly and say, ‘yes dear, it’s all fine’. However, that Libra spirit knows how to cut through the bullshit, take off the rose-colored glasses and hit that emotional reset button. One thing for sure, there will be passion!

Finally, Happy Birthday to all you Libra girls -it's no secret we rock the world-in a balanced sorta way!

If you wish to connect further with the Moon, try this easy ritual:

Start by cleansing your aura & space using your favorite smudging tool. Take a candle of your choice and use a rose thorn to inscribe a moon into the candle. Light the candle and concentrate on the flame while thinking about your intention. After you’ve held it firmly in your mind for a while, say the following nine times:

Gracious Lady Moon, Mother of Love and Light...Grant My Wish, Fulfill My Dreams, Smile on Me Tonight

Once you’ve finished your chanting, blow out the candle but really visualize what it will be like to experience the outcome you desire. Keep the image of it in mind and know that the moon is always on your side.

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