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March 16, 2022 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

"The Moon is an astonishing companion on the human journey. She both lights the way and invites us into the dark." Mother Tongue 


The Full Virgo Moon (aka “The Snow Moon”) will peak on the 18th of March at 3:18am EST. Virgo is the sign of the virgin and is known as the temple priestess ~ one who can guide others back to living in harmony.  Virgos are grounded and meticulous and need absolute order and routine in their lives-sometimes striving too hard for perfectionism.  They value service to others, work and anything related to physical health above all else. The shadow sides? Virgos try so hard to be perfect that sometimes they just freeze up and do nothing rather than make a mistake. That inner critic in each of us can be so harsh on the Virgo full moon! Ask yourself...where is perfectionism keeping me trapped? It’s time to as they say, go with the flow, say ok to your imperfections and give yourself permission to step out boldly-no procrastinations-just drop your mask and say F IT!!! 

This moon is also the last before the March 2022 Equinox, Ostara, and the start of the new astrological year. Ostara (spring equinox) celebrates the renewal of life as plants begin to emerge from the soil and start to awaken, symbolizing our personal regeneration, growth, and abundance. We can use the cleansing energies of this Full Moon to reflect on the past 12 months and do away with things that we no longer wish to take with us into the new year. There’s a very good chance that your goals will manifest for you under this full moon. Most importantly, whatever you desire, make sure that your heart is in the right place and that your intentions are for the highest good of all involved.

As you turn your gaze this night to the full moon above call upon the protection of the Goddess. Her presence is everywhere and her powers infinite.  It is because of her that we exist. 

full moon goddess

Our Favorite Full Moon Goddesses:

  • Cerridwen (Celtic): Keeper of knowledge and intuition. She represents wisdom and inspiration. Also known as a Goddess of the Underworld.
  • Selene (Greek): More than just a lunar goddess, she is the embodiment of the moon and its light
  • And of Course-Yemaya (Yoruba): Moon Goddess of the ocean, water and tides and my Mother Goddess

Here with you, in Sacred Sisterhood.

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