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March 30, 2022 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!!!

Get ready... April arrives with two new moons and a full moon to round out the
month in the balancing sign of Libra. The Aries New Moon (Thursday, March 31
into Friday, April 1, at 2:24 am-ET/11:24 pm-PT), marks the start of an emotional
cycle that will reach its climax in October with the Aries full moon. The power
and strength of your intentions can set the tone for your next 6 months.
When La Luna arises as the new moon, she shines Her light as the Maiden
Goddess...ready for rebirth and a fresh start. It is no wonder that the first day
of Aries season is aligned with the spring equinox. What has the winter season of
stillness, deep thought and introspection brought to you? As you surrendered
your mind these past few months what new desires have emerged? How will you
implement them? The energy of Aries can be explained by its ruler the warrior
Mars and its element of fire. Do not let that fire fuel your negative traits, instead
let it carry you and light the flame needed for a fresh start. It is that fire in the
belly that will create the movement needed to create a plan to accomplish your

As noted above this powerful month brings a second New Moon on the 30 th in
Taurus. This magical moon is lovingly called the Black Moon and will be
accompanied by a partial Solar Eclipse as well. Black Moons are intensified new
moons. We usually have 1 new moon per month so this is a rare occurrence that
will bring new beginnings into your vibration as you release and heal. These
themes have been present since the beginning of the year. These new moons
promise to stir things up and complete the changes we have manifested.
If you still find yourself holding onto any negative, disempowering or self-
sabotaging patterns, release them through a smudging ritual. Write out what you
need to release, and then, burn the paper (ideally in your cauldron or a pot
outdoors). Release the ashes into the breeze and let the elements convert the
energy of what you have relinquished. End by clearing yourself and your space by
wafting some sage or palo santo around your body and home.
And for all you yogis reading this post, the moon is highly related to Lord Shiva as
he has a half moon on his head as a symbol. By offering prayers to Lord Shiva,
and by repeating the mantra Om Namah Shivaya, you can accelerate the healing
process of the new moon.

until next month…peace & love

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