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October 05, 2019 2 min read

Hello Moonbeams!

Get that bubble bath and tea (see recipe below) ready, an Aries Full Moon is

almost upon us!

It is time to think back to the intentions that were set earlier last month during the

Libra new moon. Libra is all about relationships. While a new moon is time for

planting seeds (maybe changing the way we view a relationship or re-considering

an old one) the full moon is the time to get rid of any weeds that grew with the

seeds, letting go of what did or will not serve us.

Try to think of this full moon as finding a new pathway as we navigate through its watery vibes. A full moon in this sign preceded by a Libra moon can mean you may have

reached a point where there is either no going back or holding back regarding a


Extra self-care is needed, as this moon stirs up all sorts of emotions. Aries is the God of War, so there may be some angst associated with this moon. Regardless, it's an important time to connect to your highest purpose and realize what it is you truly want.

Life is magical, and everything is happening for a reason.

Full Moon Tea Recipe
Here's an emotional well-being tea to soothe and comfort your soul during the Aries full moon.

Emotional Well-Being Tea:

6 parts motherwort

4 parts rose petals

2 parts chamomile

1 part each of cardamom and cinnamon bark


Combine herbs and mix well



Sweeten as desired

Drink and enjoy 2-3 cups a day

A Little Full Moon Ritual
To start, prepare a small dish of white flower petals mixed with a small amount of

sea salts, scented with a few drops of jasmine or other oil of your choice. You’ll

also need a silver or a light blue candle. Start by drawing a warm bath.

Light your candle, turn off any lights and put on some soft music. Undress and look out a window, if possible, to see the Moon. If you can’t see her, visualize her in her fullness. Ask Luna to bless you, and draw down her power, as you anoint your forehead, head, throat, heart, abdomen, legs, and feet, each with a drop of the oil.

Finally, toss your salt mixture into the bath, step in, and bathe in the moon’s power. Perhaps this month’s full moon brings one phase of life to an end as another begins.

Aries Moon Body-Love Yoga Sequence
Upward Salute

Humble Crescent Lunge

Warrior 1

Twisted Wide Legged Forward Fold


Shoulder Stand

Easy Seat

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