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June 09, 2021 2 min read

The Moon and Love

“And if you are to love, love like the Moon loves. It doesn’t steal the night. It only unveils the beauty of the dark.”

The Power of The New Moon

New Moons are the most energetically charged lunar phase of the entire lunar cycle when it comes to love.

Hello Moonbeams!!!

June 10, 2021, … Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, my loves! Things sure have been intense since the last eclipse. Have you felt the shimmering intensity in your own life? Eclipses thin the veil between the physical and spiritual allowing greater depth to our innate power of intuition. The full moon brought to the surface all kinds of buried shadows which the accompanying lunar eclipse was all too happy to let go of. Now the upcoming solar eclipse will not only reveal more of what’s in the shadows but whatever paths we have been clearing with last month’s Blood Moon will finally show us where we are heading…we are now at the door to a new beginning. This powerful portal combined with a New Moon Solar Eclipse amplifies the intensity of the healing through this period.

Gemini is the premier sign of change, saying one thing and doing another. Sound familiar? Represented by the twins- one mortal and the other spiritual/immortal-there may be some uncomfortable and seemingly clashing opportunities of change on the horizon-remember, we have double Sun-Moon energy going on now. These 2 eclipses signify it is time to find the deeper meaning and higher truth we need to survive. This is also the last Eclipse we will experience in Gemini until 2029, so whatever is planted now will create a ripple until this time.

We can usually expect Mercury-the celestial ruler of Gemini to really open up the dialog…but with the planet in retrograde until June 22 expect some cosmic mayhem on the horizon. Now might be a good time to slow down, reflect and make sure we have all the information we need before journeying on our new path. Keep calm, allow the messages to appear and surrender to what comes…trust that this New Moon Solar Eclipse will lead you to where you need to be going-the manifestation of a more evolved version of yourself.

Love Some Breath Work- Gemini is the first air sign of the zodiac, so this is an excellent time to focus on pranayama and breath work. It is pure magick what a couple of conscious deep breaths can do for your body and mind. Yoga tip-make it even more calming by taking a couple of deep breaths while in uttanasana.

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